>An Alternative is Born!

>”I’ve got an opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of something that’s going to be BIG!”

That sounds like some sketchy, used-car salesman sthick or something, right?  In reality – or at least in this case – that’s not true.  I’m getting involved in something brand new – that I (and my compatriots) think could be huge.  No, it’s not buying and selling pristine swampland near Miami.  Nor is it a new business venture.

We’re starting a new triathlon club!

You see, Jacksonville is a pretty large city – over a million people, and spread out in a geographic area larger than any other city in America – but when it comes to triathlon clubs, right now, it’s a one-horse town.  Don’t get me wrong – the existing club (Hammerhead Triathlon) is a great club, and they host two of the best multisport events in town (the Hammerhead Ocean Marathon and the Hammerhead Olympic Triathlon).  That said – there’s always room for a little competition.  A Pepsi to a Coke.  An Avia to a Saucony.  A Kestrel to a Quintina Roo.

And so, an alternative is about to be born.  The Julington Creek Tri Club.

So…if you live in Jacksonville (or the surrounding area) and you’re looking for a new tri club to call home, look no further!  (and if you need more information, please click on the “Contact Me” link above and drop me a note).

If you don’t live in Jacksonville – wish us luck!  (and if you have ideas about what makes a tri club great, please click on the “Contact Me” link above and drop me a note — or just leave a comment here!)

11 thoughts on “>An Alternative is Born!

  1. >That is great! I wish you guys the best of luck! And maybe if I make it to Jacksonville, I will come workout with you guys!

  2. >Joel, sounds awesome!! I think what makes our tri club good (out in San Francisco) is all the extracurricular activities. We had about 30 people on a camping weekend to volunteer at Vineman 70.3 (where we bike and swim the course for fun the day before.) We also have an annual Urban Challenge race at the end of each season where we partner up on a tri scavenger hunt around the city. Kayaking replaces the swim. Then we wrap it up with a BBQ. Write-up and pics here: http://brand.blogs.com/today/2010/11/urban-adventure-race.html. Lastly, there's a ridiculously hard race created by our club called Tri Not to Ralph, designed to be an Ironman training race (but unique in that everyone races in costumes :-)). You can read about it here: http://www.trinot2ralph.org/Site/Ralphs_Day.html. Feel free to ping me with more fun ideas and best of luck!

  3. >WOW – this is a wonderful and HUGE undertaking! My husband and I were on the ground floor of starting a triathlon club in Spokane about 4 1/2 years ago – it's now the largest club in eastern Washington. There is so much to say about starting a tri club, but the best advice I would give you is that take the time to do it right in the beginning… bylaws, insurance, website, board of directors, etc. I have lots of information on all of the above, so feel free to contact me if you need help/pointers/contact information. There were several great clubs who gave us great start-up information. Tri Fusion would be happy to pay it forward. http://www.tri-fusion.com

  4. >Wow everything I went to say is almost word for word Jessi above!!! I serve as President for the Cleveland Tri Club (www.clevetriclub.com) so let me know if you have any questions. Sometimes I have even thought about putting together a list of various club board members across different area together so we all could learn from the successes of others, such as what were huge event hits and sources of fundraising, etc.

  5. >That's very cool! I was just elected to the board of my tri club and am really looking forward to being more involved. It sounds like a fun venture.I posted today about why I was cleansing and what the benefits are, in reply to your comment the other day!

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