>I Resolve Not To Resolve

>Ah….Welcome, 2011.  Glad you made it.  Now I can officially put away the holiday decorations (although I secretly want to be like my neighbor who leaves his Christmas lights up until July), stop eating cookies (damn.  I love me some cookies.  OK, maybe I won’t stop this just yet), and join all the other couch potatoes in our country by making a New Year’s resolution to exercise more.

Or not.

I don’t believe in resolutions.  Basically, they just don’t have enough meat to mean anything to me.  Take, for example, me saying that I’m going to do 15 pull-ups every day in 2011.  Will I do it?  Yeah, right.  Slimmer odds of that happening than snow here in Florida. 

For whatever reason, I’m just not motivated enough to just say I’m gong to do something and then go do it.  I need a goal.  And not some arbitrary, “I DID IT!” goal.  I need something tangible.

Like race medals, t-shirts, goodie bags.

My wife doesn’t get it.  She doesn’t understand why I race.  “Just go and swim, bike, and run the distances,” she says. 

But I need the nervous feeling of building for a race.  I must have that real knowledge that if I don’t get out and swim, then the chances of me drowning at my first tri of the season are exponentially higher.  I must have a REAL goal. 

I think that many of us multisport types are like this.  That’s why we come up with race plans months in advance (and for those who are doing Ironman, up to a year in advance).  We must have tangible goals.

So, while I’m glad you’re here, 2011, I’m deeming the calendar flip as something relatively inconsequential.  To me, it just means one less day until I get to my first race of the year!


6 thoughts on “>I Resolve Not To Resolve

  1. >I'm totally with you! My first goal is to not have to be pulled to shore by a kayak. I set my goals low – but they are important to me!Have a great 2011!

  2. >I'm definitely with you – no resolutions. But, I do have a training plan set and races on the calendar. Yep, that's the triathlete in me!

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