>Family Football Weekend & More

>This past weekend was a training-free weekend.  My training plan didn’t call for it to be a free weekend.  I was supposed to run 6 miles on Saturday and 9 on Sunday.  Instead, I took part in more family-related activities.

On Saturday, my son and I drove down to Gainesville, FL to watch the Florida Gators play the Appalachian State University Mountaineers in football.  I was sort of conflicted going into this game.  You see, I went to App St.  I love the black and gold.  But…I’ve lived in Florida for 15 years, and we have adopted the Gators as our home team.  I’m a huge Gator fan.  So…my problem was who to root for?  I ended up rooting for both teams a little – and just had one hell of a good time!  It was my son’s first college football game, and the first time for both of us in the Swamp.  We had a blast.

Yesterday, my entire family and I went to see the Jaguars play the Browns.  We made an early day of it – and went out to start tailgating about 10:30.  We took a grill and cooked chicken and hamburgers.  We tossed a football around, played ring toss, and just had a good time.

Some other highlights:

  • I’ve got quite a few “Ten Questions With…” interviews in works – I’m very excited about them!  I’ll be posting one later on tonight with a start-up wheel company.  They are designing and will be soon selling AFFORDABLE carbon aero wheels!  I’ve got two or three more professional triathlete interviews in the works as well. If you have an idea for an interview, leave me a comment or click on the “contact me” slide
  • My friend Paul just ran the Philadelphia marathon yesterday, and really kicked it! 
  • Just a few more days until I run in the Outback Steakhouse Distance Classic 1/2 marathon.  Hopefully a PR will be in order.

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  1. >I remember the first college game I took my son to. We saw Colorado and Kansas play. We are huge Kansas fans so we were totally out of place at Folsom field but we had a blast!

  2. >Too bad App State didn't take Florida. I think that would have marked the beginning of the end for Urban… not that there is anything wrong with Urban, but it would have made for great Sunday conversation with Arnie..

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