>Dead at the Start

>This past Friday morning, my training plan called for a long run of 12 miles. At the last minute, my wife decided to go with me (she wanted to do a five-mile loop). We don't typically run together, so having her want to go with me was pretty cool. I did have to alter my route a little, and we went slower than I typically would, but not a big deal at all. At this point, I must confess to you that I'm a slave to my iPod. I ALWAYS run with it. I don't care if it's a three mile tempo run or a 12 mile long slow run. I've got to have music (unless I'm racing, of course). So, on Friday, Mrs. TriMadness and I walked out of the house for our run…I put the ear buds in and hit play. Much to my chagrin, the iPod was dead. I contemplated not running. Or going back to get my other iPod. I gnashed my teeth. I complained. I wanted to throw a temper tantrum. But, alas, we moved on. I even tried to yank Mrs. TM's ear buds out to force her to talk to me. I would have even stooped so low as to share her iPod with her (and be forced to listen to her awful music). She wouldn't have any of that. We did eventually chat for a while – but at four miles, she turned to go home and I kept going. Let me remind you…I HATE running without an iPod. So what did I do? I hummed. I said hello to each and every person I saw. I enjoyed the weather. I played the "Chariots of Fire" theme song in my head. Still…my less than two hour run seemed to last for two days. The only funny thing about my run was that I repeated a loop twice, and saw the same pair of old ladies four times! The last time I passed them, they looked at me like I was crazy and asked me when I was going to stop running! I did (surprisingly) finish the run, and was pleased overall with the results. Biggest lesson of the day: charge the damn iPod! 🙂


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  1. >I notice a BIG improvement in my stride if I have my iPod on, something to distract from my own wheezing. I even use it in races, especially marathons. So like Christi, I get it :).

  2. >That does suck, but it would not detour me from going. I ween myself off music the week prior to race day. don't listen to Kovas on this, he is not normal.

  3. >That's so funny. I've learned to run without mine, and hardly ever take it anymore. I do have a friend that is just like you though – the world ends without music! 🙂

  4. >Been there. I have only recently gotten away from running with it, just to build the mental prep. for not having it on race days.

  5. >I ditched my iPod a year ago and haven't looked back. However, if my Garmin isn't charged when it is time to go out the door, my run/ride gets delayed while I give it a quick charge.Very cool that you got to run with the Mrs. I have been running with my wife for a couple months now and it is a blast.

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