>Old School Tri Products!

>Rewind to 1989.  I was in the midst of college, and home in Chapel Hill for the summer.  I needed a good summer job, and I was a cyclist – so where did I go?  Naturally, I went to the local bike shop to get a job.  Of course, it wasn’t any plain jane bike shop.  I went to work for Performance Bike Shop.  Yep – the mail order bike shop that you may be familar with.  Only, I didn’t work that summer in the mail-order part of the business, I worked in the brick & mortar retail store in the next town over – Carrboro, NC.

Basically, during my time at PBS, I was counter help in the retail store.  I did some minor repairs and built more than a few bikes, but by and large, I was the equivalent of the dude at Abercrombie working the counter selling jerseys, shorts, etc.

In the late 80’s, triathlon was still a new, fringe sport.  And yet, we sold a TON of triathlon related stuff back then.  To share with you just how far we’ve come in terms of triathlon gear, I thought it worthwhile to pull some photos of some of the stuff we sold back in the day…


This is one of the original Profile aerobars, and note the vibrant neon yellow coloring!  This was a highly popular aero bar back in the day.  Notice the lack of shifter placement – most shifters were still on the down tube at this point.

Nike Sock Racer.  The ORIGINAL minimalist racing flat! 

Why buy a solid-core disc wheel when you could buy a vinyl wheel cover that you add on to your wheel.  The material was similar to lots of the window shades you can purchase for your car windows.  Cheap speed!

Bolle shades.  Hardly anything better (except the original Oakley Blades).

Why DRINK your electrolytes when you can just CHEW them?!


11 thoughts on “>Old School Tri Products!

  1. >I had one of the HED vynal rear covers in the 80's. Did it help ?? Looked cool, you bet.Tinley and Scott made those awkward bars famous. I chose profile for speed bull horns with clip on aero bar. But if you saw someone rolling those looping bars in the 80's, they were into it !! cool stuff.

  2. >I've gotta say, this makes me feel really young because I don't remember any of this stuff. I've only seen pictures of it used by Dave Scott and Mark Allen. It is like dinosaur bones to me. 😉

  3. Still riding my mid 80s Trek frame with these aero bars!
    Luv em and need to replace my pads.
    I’m proud to say I’m the only one I see on the road with them, I haven’t done any Tris lately but would luv to do one just to see how many other “old schooler” are still using them.

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