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>Like many folks, I follow a ton of blogs. I enjoy checking out what others have to write – and I’m often surprised by what people include. I often find myself laughing out loud or marveling in someone’s accomplishments.
Today’s post will include links to a few blogs that I’ve visited this week, and for some reason or another really liked. To make it more “organized”, I’ve grouped the blogs into two broad categories.

Happy reading!

Blogs with contests: these blogs have active contests going on. Check them out, become a follower if you aren’t already, and enter the contests. We all like more readers, right? Plus it’s your chance to score free loot.

http://www.caratunkgirl.com/ Mandy lives in Maine, and talks about training in the great cold north, and life with her beautiful dog Bailey. This week she’s giving away a Road ID.

http://26.2ismycooldown.com/ First off, I love the name of this blog! Mike is like many of us – he picked up running and then got the triathlon bug. He completed Ironman St. George last year with a very impressive debut time of 12:30. This week he’s giving away a Garmin.

Generally all-around good reads! 
http://www.runfastermommy.com/ I found Heather’s blog this week, and I’m glad I did. This Myrtle Beach mom writes about her adventures in running. Her race report on the Southeast Warrier Dash is one of the best race reports I’ve ever read. Just beware of Dura Flame logs (find the post and you’ll understand).

http://www.theroadmultisport.com/ I’ve been reading Patrick’s blog for a couple of months, and really find his sense of humor and perspective very likeable. Find his post from 10/29. It’s full of random stuff, but very funny. I saw the Google-mobile this morning as well, and immediately thought of this post (and almost did the same thing Patrick did)!

http://carolesharpless.blogspot.com/ OK, full disclosure. I started reading Carole’s blog a year or so ago as she’s the “team mom” for Team Trakkers. Here’s the thing: she’s got one of the funniest blogs that I read. Her sense of humor is totally wicked. Find her post about her response to Tatianna. Cracked me up. And I won’t mention her post about a recent waxing….oh wait…I just did

http://frayedlaces.blogspot.com/ I started reading Laura’s blog as she was doing her final preps for Ironman Kona. Laura’s story is pretty compelling, as she has come back from a major injury (one that might completely sideline most folks) to compete at the world’s biggest triathlon stage – and did really, really well.

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