>Uphill Swimming

>Well…it sure felt that way.

First, a little back-story.  I’ve spent the better part of the last five months traveling almost weekly.  As a result, I haven’t been in the pool much.  Take for instance the last time I swam.  That was…oh…about a MONTH ago.

Tonight, I made it back into the pool.  If you’ve ever taken a break from swimming, you’ll appreciate this next comment…it felt like I was swimming uphill the entire time!  It took longer than normal to swim each 50.  It seemed to take forever for me to get back into a breathing pattern.  I had to even think about lane “manners” again. 

After my workout, I was walking back to my car, and a friend asked me, “Do you swim for a certain number of laps, or for a certain time?”  My response?  “Tonight, I swam so I wouldn’t drown!”

Total done:  2150m. 

A few early-in-the-week updates:

  • I did register for the 26.2 with Donna.  Money’s in, training plan is finalized, motivation is high.  Again, if you’re looking for a super marathon in mid-February, I can’t recommend this race too much. 
  • Over the weekend, I jumped on board the wagon, and ordered myself a pair of Saucony Kinvara shoes.  I cannot wait to get these.  I’ve been 100% pleased with my Fastwitch and Tangents, so I’m expecting that the Kinvara’s won’t disappoint.  This will be a bit of a departure for me, though, as the Kinvaras are a minimalist shoe.  Once I get them and do a few runs, I’ll post a comprehensive review.
  • It was a great football weekend for TriMadness!  The Gators beat Georgia in OT at the “World’s Largest Outdoor Coctail Party”.  The Jaguars whipped up on the Cowboys (of course, that’s not saying much this year).  My alma-mater (Appalachian State) is 8-0 and is #1 in the FCS rankings!  Things will get interesting on 11/20, when App State ventures into the Swamp to play Florida.  Not sure how I’ll react – perhaps wear both Gators & Mountaineer gear, and cheer for everyone?  IDK.

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10 thoughts on “>Uphill Swimming

  1. >I'm bummed- I won't be able to do the 26.2 for Donna race this year! Baberaham's family is taking me to Puerto Rico.

  2. >Congrats on registering for the full Donna! I looked at the Kinvaras at my local running store this weekend. Would love to know what you think!

  3. >What marathon are you doing? I have the Kinvaras as they are really great, you will love them (kellysrunningwarehouse.com – I think? – has them for like $69). Nice job getting back to the pool :).

  4. >Awesome you are going to do the Donna's Marathon – always helps to have goal race to train for.Hate the feeling in the pool …aaggghhh. It usually happens to me if I miss more than a week of swimming. Garrard looked awesome this weekend … where did that come from?

  5. >I know what you mean about swimming. I am doing something similar this weekend.. 3 swims since Louisville… OUCH!Didn't you guys beat Michigan a few years back?

  6. >Swimming always seems like it is the hardest to bounce from a break. If I miss a week, I feel like I am starting over. Way to rock out the big yards after your break.What color Kinvaras did you get? I have the hunter orange ones and have gotten a ton of compliments on them so far. I'm breaking them in slowly with only short runs but so far, so good. They are so much lighter than my other shoes it feels like I am barefoot.

  7. >Hey guys – thanks for all the comments on this post.@Luke – can't fault you for liking the Catamounts. Almost anything from the left half of Carolina is good (I originally bled Tar Heel)@Onehourironman – yep. App St. upset Michigan in the big house. would love to see it again in the Swamp (except that I've adopted UF in my 15 years of living in FL)@Ironman By 30: I ordered the white/blue/black Kinvaras. Wouldn't you know it – the day after I placed my order, Saucony announced new colors!

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