>A Multisport Cornucopia

>Random thoughts of the week…

  • Ironman Access:  Feels like such a bad PR move for WTC.  It’s sad to see Ironman (the company) make business decisions that negatively impact Ironman (the experience/culture/event/bucket-list item).  The fact of the matter is that, for a lot of folks, continued price increases, adding the 5150 series and the now-defunct idea of charging to give folks a fast pass will strip away at the concept of consumer loyalty.  Personally, M-Dot has lost some of the panache that comes with the thought of finishing the event…purely because of what feels like a money-grab by WTC.  For me, the simple solution is that I’ll take my business elsewhere.  I had briefly entertained racing the Florida 70.3 or IMFL in 2011…I don’t think I will now.  Where will I race?  I’ll do some local races… but my money is going to be with Rev3.
  • M-Dot Swim:  Despite all of the above, there are a lot of folks getting ready to race IMFL next week.  I fondly recall the pre-race build-up.  Getting to Panama City…driving the bike course, checking out other people’s bikes, looking for pros, being amazed at the oldest racers or the guy who lost the most weight.  All very cool.   On race day, the most spectacular thing for me was the swim start.  I had raced at IMKY last year, but the swim start there is a time-trial…not a mass start.  Earlier this week, I found the video below on YouTube.  Apparently, a racer last year actually wore a camera during the IMFL swim.  Check out the video below to get some perspective as to what the swim start looked like from the eyes of an age-grouper

  • Just a little late:  I’ve been in Sioux Falls all week.  I have a very early flight home tomorrow.  It’s too bad that I can’t stay another day…Turns out Lance Armstrong will be in Sioux Falls tomorrow to help open a new cancer center.  That’s cool and all, but the thing I wish I could be here for is that he announced on his Twitter feed that he’s doing an open-to-the-public bike ride at 4pm.  Dang!
  • Going on a LONG run:  I’m 99.99% sure that I’m going to run a marathon next February.  The race I’ve (almost) decided to do is the 26.2 with Donna – The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer.  This race is a fantastic marathon with a great cause.  The race is held in Jacksonville – is pancake flat, has a section run on the beach, and has tremendous fan support.  Earlier this year, one of my first “Ten Questions With…” interviews was with Donna Deegan – the founder of the race. Check out the article here.  If you’re thinking about doing a marathon (or a half) early next year, I’d strongly encourage you to consider this race. 

Have a great weekend!!!


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  1. >Good luck if you do the Donna! I was planning on running the half, but am seriously contemplating running the full. It's an awesome race 🙂

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