>Random Thought Saturday

>A few random thoughts for today…

  • One of my Trakkers teammates, Sonja Wieck, raced at the Ironman World Championships in Kona last weekend. She totally kicked ass, with a time of 10:17. She took 15th in her age group, and was among the top 60 female finishers. You’ve got to go check out her website (www.gosonja.com) to read her race reports and check out an amazing video that her family put together for her. Just watching her journey really stokes my fire to do another 140.6 race, and really makes me dream of racing in Kona (I’m pretty sure that will never happen, but a guy can dream). In any case – Sonja’s reports are fantastic and the video is epic.
  • Speaking of the Kona race – I was really surprised that Sports Illustrated didn’t include even a blurb about the race in their edition this week. Last year they had a picture of Chrissie doing the Blazeman roll across the finish line. This year? Nada. They did, though, do a write up about the Chicago Marathon. To me, that’s small potatoes compared to IM Kona. Maybe I’m biased.
  • You may have seen the announcement earlier that Rev3 is adding a race in Anderson, SC, next October. This excites me very much, as the venue is relatively close to home for me. The scary thing: I looked at the bike route yesterday, and to say it is hilly is an understatement. Why does that scare me? It brings flashbacks of my fail at IMKY last year – the hills there totally wiped me out. To make it worse, there are very limited hill training opportunities in Jax. Northeast Florida is about as flat as your bathtub. I’m going to have to be creative in my approach to this race next year so I have some strong legs for the run!
  • I think fall is the best season of the year in Florida. Perhaps anywhere, actually. I really love crisp nights & morning and warm temps during the day. The added bonus is that the oppressive humidity that is part of the south isn’t around in the fall (unlike spring). This morning: 54 degrees in Jax. Can’t beat that!
  • I frequently read Slowtwitch and Beginner Triathlete. Typically, the posts on Slowtwitch tend to be on the snarky side; occasionally that really turns me off or irritates me. That said there is often some really good information out there. Take for example, this article that breaks down Macca’s win at Kona or this article that compares triathlon bike saddles.

Weekend plans: 9 mile long slow run + 4 miles @ race pace. Try to get a swim in if possible. Celebrate 17th wedding anniversary!



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  1. >I am not surprised that SI didn't mention Kona. The real world doesn't really understand our sport and they have no real desire to keep track of it. It really disappoints me but then again I am biased!Good luck with the Rev3 race. I amn sure you will find a way to train for the hills! You could come do a training camp in Colorado! We have room for visitors!Have a great weekend and Congratulations to you and your wife! I hope you have a great anniversary!!!!!

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