>Monday’s Tidbits

>Some random stuff…

  • My triathlon season is over, but not my 2010 season.  This coming weekend starts 1/2 marathon season!  I’ll be competing in the Marine Corps half marathon this Saturday in Jacksonville.  Looking forward to rocking the Trakkers’ green!
  • Completed a long run of 12 miles on Saturday morning.  Like many, I am SO OVER the heat and humidity.  I lost > 5 pounds from sweat during my run.  I tried to re-hydrate all day and night, but it was Sunday before I felt like I was back to normal. 
  • Check out the video below.  A friend posted this on Facebook today – the guy in the video is racing IMFL, and raising money for a pregnancy center in eastern North Carolina.  He’s on a quest to raise $70,000…a quarter at a time.  He’s asking for donations of $0.25 per mile he completes ($35) from 2000 people.  Once you review the video, won’t you consider donating?
  • One of the coolest things this year is that I’ve been a member of Team Trakkers.  I’ve been very honored to represent this great company.  If you’d like to be a part of Team Trakkers in 2011, check out this link to find an application.
  • I’ve been thinking recently about our sport and the relative safety of participation.  More to come on this later on this week…
  • Working on two really great “Ten Questions With…” interviews.  One with a male professional triathlete who just happened to do really well at this past weekend’s USAT Elite Championships, and another with a wonderful sports nutrition company.  Look for these over the next couple of weeks.
  • Starting to think about my 2011 race calendar.  Some of the things I’ve got penciled in…What’s on your list for 2011?  (C’mon…you know you’re already thinking about 2011…)

Rev3 Knoxville

Rev3 Cedar Point.  Should I do the Half Rev or Full Rev?

Marineland Olympic Triathlon

Gate River Run (Jacksonville) – 15K

Hammerhead Olympic Triathlon

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  1. >Cedar Point!! Make a family trip out of it. The kids will love the rides and I know an old friend who'd love to see you guys. 😉

  2. >IM TX. That's it for me. No more 3 IMs in a year. I'm too old. Now Arnie, he is wanting to swim the English Channel (really) and I know he can but he wants me to go to (trying to convince him that is definitely not a team sport).Go to Cedar Point. Great rides (or that's what I remember from 45 years ago)

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