>Did Not Drown

>OK. So yesterday I lied. I claimed that it had been three weeks since I was in a pool swimming laps. I was wrong. Mea culpa. It was actually FOUR!!!! I hit the pool last night with limited time to swim before the pool closed. I was able to knock out 1200 meters. Consider it an experiment to see how much swim fitness can be lost in a month. Holy CRAP! Regardless, it felt really good to glide. To breathe. To get water stuck in my ears. The only bad thing? I didn't have my FOGGLE <http://www.sbrsportsinc.com/foggle_products.htm> with me, so my goggles got all gunked up and I couldn't see well…which led me to totally slamming my hand on the lane line. I know you know what that feels like. I could hardly move my pinkie and 4th finger for a solid half hour afterwards. At the end of my swim, I felt really energized to be in a pool again…to feel that fatigue in the upper body…to smell like chlorine. Or…perhaps the energy was more related to the fact that I saw a rattlesnake on the pool deck right as I got out of the pool. Yeah – forget that it was only 6 inches long. It was still a "Mr. No-Shoulders" and I don't like them very much. And I know he was just looking to take a chunk out of me. Um…maybe not. Home, shower with Tri-Swim<http://www.sbrsportsinc.com/triswim_products.htm> to take out the chlorine smell, and a little Monday Night Football. Great cap to the day.


4 thoughts on “>Did Not Drown

  1. >Oh, I haven't been to the pool in weeks. It will be interesting to see how I feel after Thursday morning's swim! I love that tired feeling after a good swim!Sorry about your pinky! Nice work!

  2. >Oh crap! It's been weeks since I've been in the water too. Time to get back to the pool. I've got a HIM at the end of October. As for the snakes, consider me Samuel L. Jackson. One snake is too many damn snakes in the pool.

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