>Proud but Beat Down

>I feel like such a proud pappa (actually proud husband). Over the weekend, Tri Madness outfitted Mrs. Tri Madness’ bike with clipless pedals, and we had a little “how to” session. We started off in the garage. One foot on the ground, the other practicing clipping in and clipping out. Then vice versa. After a few minutes of doing this, and starting to get the hang of it, the Mrs and I went out for a 20 minute ride around the neighborhood. During our ride, Mrs TM practiced clipping in and out. She practiced stopping and starting. She did great – no hesitations, no falls, no catastrophes. I was so proud! Now, I’m not foolish enough to think she won’t ever fall (because, after all, don’t we all at some point?) but I was pretty excited for her first time on clipless pedals.

I had my hardest run of the year yesterday. I was scheduled to go 12 miles. I had planned on getting out at about 7am, but slept late and didn’t end up having time prior to going to church. So, I opted to go right when we got home. Departure time: 12:30. Temperature – a not-too-bad 88 degrees. I loaded up the fuel belt, grabbed the iPod, donned the Garmin. First three miles felt fine. 27 minutes. The sun and lack of shade was making the heat a little uncomfortable. When I hit 5 miles, I knew that there was no way I was going to make 12 miles, so I adjusted my route to take me 9 miles. Not long afterwards, I felt really beat down. Sluggish. I had slowed way down, and even wanted to walk some. At one point near mile 7 I really thought I was going to throw up. I struggled home in just over 95 minutes. I guess the pace wasn’t awful – it’s actually on par with what I’ve been doing my long runs in, but I felt really beat down. So why was the run so brutally hard? I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s because over the past three weeks, I’ve done 90% of my running in the Midwest, where it’s been incredibly beautiful – with temperatures in the mid to high 70’s. Perhaps I wasn’t hydrated enough. I’m not sure.

Needless to say, it was the hardest I’ve worked in a long, long time. Two bottles of ice cold water + 20 minutes floating in my pool started to cool me down. I followed that with my new favorite recovery drink – an ULTRAGEN smoothie! (1 scoop of ULTRAGEN, 6oz of water + ice blended together). After all that, I began to feel more normal again. I still feel a little sluggish this morning. My legs are heavy and tired feeling. My plantar fasciitis is making me feel a little gimpy.

Tonight’s workout: pool time for the first time in three weeks! Let’s see if I can bang out 1800 meters without drowning!

Less than two weeks until the first leg of the Tri-2-B-Tuff half marathon challenge. Getting excited!


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  1. >Awesome news for the wifey!Hey, chalk the run off to the Sh#t happens category. I had one of these types of runs two weeks ago in similar weather conditions. Just get back out there and put it in the past!I've taken your advice and have been making smoothies with my Ultragen too and it is great!

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