>Ten Questions With…Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander

>Perhaps the best known male triathlete today is two-time Kona champion Craig Alexander. 

Crowie is the two-time champion of the Ironman World Championships in Kona.  He’s had a tremendous career.  Over the past five years, he’s raced 50 times – and won 28 times.  To put this in a little different perspective, Crowie has finished NOT on the podium only 7 times (and one of those was a DNF due to a crash). 

Crowie is looking to extend his success this coming weekend at Muskosa Ironman 70.3.  It’s a final tune up prior to competing at Kona next month.

And now, my ongoing blog series “Ten Questions With…” continues with Craig Alexander:


TM:  For the past several seasons, you’ve split your time between Australia and the USA. Aside from clearly reducing travel time for you, how has this benefitted you – both from a training perspective and personally?

CA:  Most of my sponsors and the big races are based in the USA, so it makes sense to base here during the race season. My “off” time is spent at home in Australia where our families live and our daughter goes to school. We love both places we live.

TM:  All of us have our “off” days – days where it’s tough to get out of bed to go for a run, where the last 1000m of a swim just seems too much, etc. How do you keep yourself motivated when you’re having one of those days?

CA:  It’s a routine and usually experience tells me that once I get out the door it’s not so bad.

TM:  You’ve raced all over the world and have had a wildly successful career. Aside from a victory, what makes a race great for you?

CA:  A good location, a challenging course and a well organised race. Having a great homestay that have become like family in a number of race locations, also add in a social benefit.

TM:  Each race you do presents unique challenges in terms of the bike route. Some races are hilly; others are flatter. What’s your preferred course style?

CA:  HIlly, it makes it interesting.

TM:  What’s the most difficult race you’ve participated in, and what made it so?

CA:  St Croix Triathlon 2003. It was super hot and humid and I didn’t have enough fuel with me. I got dehydrated and I don’t really remember the last couple of miles. I won over a great field, but I’m not sure how!

TM:  As the winner of the past two IM World Championships, can you share what thoughts were cruising through your mind as you ran the last mile or so of the race?

CA:  Just happy and relieved that after such a long build up, and the pressure of the lead in, that I had a great race. It is also nice to feel like I can repay all the people around me that have helped me get to this point.

TM:  You’re quite possibly one of the more “sought after” triathletes. What’s a day in the life of Crowie like? How much time do you invest dealing with media, sponsors, fans?

CA:  My first priority is my family and training. That pretty much fills most days. I juggle the sponsor commitments the best I can around my training, as this is an important part of my job, but I get a huge amount of help from my wife Neri, and my managers Franko and John. I could not do it all without them. My turn around time for fan and media emails etc, is a lot slower than I would like, but I can only handle a certain amount of it at the end of each day !

TM:  Obviously, you’re a strong performer in all three disciplines. What’s your favorite and why?

CA:  Every week is different. Some weeks I enjoy swimming more, or running, or if I am in a great venue like Boulder with fantastic cycling, then that can be my favourite. Variety is the spice of life.

TM:  You’re known to have a strong affinity for chocolate. Any other junk food vices that you have to deal with?

CA:  Ice cream, doughnuts and cheddar pringles. Neri has to hide them, and dole them out in small portions, or I have been known on the odd occasion to eat a whole family box/bag etc of the vices listed !

TM:  Lots of athletes in other sports (basketball, football, boxing) are known “trash talkers”. How much of that happens in the pro triathlete ranks? What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard from another athlete during a race?

CA:  It generally doesn’t happen in the pro ranks, and when it does it is usually a sign of insecurity, so it doesn’t bother anyone.

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