>A Unique Brick

>One of the things I love the most about the weeks I'm not traveling for work (besides being able to see my family daily) is that I can really stretch my workouts beyond just running on the hotel treadmill. Take last night, for instance. I did one of the most unique bricks I think I've ever done. Most of us have done bike-run bricks, and maybe even swim-bike bricks. Last night I did a run-swim brick. Here's a little backstory…my 12yo son swims on a year-round swim team, and practices in the evenings. Last night, I got to take him to practice. So I dropped him off, then hit the roads for a 5-miler. Once I came back, I hopped right in the pool and did 1000 yards of drills. Certainly not the longest swim workout ever, but it was good in that it was all form related. And, let me tell you…there's NOTHING like hopping in an 80 degree pool after running 5 miles in the lovely NE Florida heat & humidity. What's the most unique brick workout you have done? Thanks for reading!


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  1. >that's a fun brick!!I have finished off many HOT runs this summer by jumping in the pool and logging some laps :)Most unique? running the run course (of my Tri on 9/25) then doing an open ocean swim to cooldown sans wetsuit. Ahhhhhh…..

  2. >I do the opposite every tuesday. I like when I can get hoem early enough to swap them and cool off with the swim.

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