>Sunday Randomness

>It’s the end of the week (or the beginning of the new week, depending upon your perspective)…School starts tomorrow.  With that comes lunch making, the hectic mornings, much more traffic, watching (sometimes helping) the kids do their homework.

Some random thoughts to end the week with (or start the new week with):

  • Tonight I ran at 9pm.  I did a little over 7.5 miles – with the first 10k “timed”.  What that means is that I went at what I thought would be my race pace for the first half marathon.  I did the first 6.23 miles in 1:03:09, or 10:08/mile.  About what I’d like to do the first half marathon in October in.  The last 1.25 miles were nice easy jog.  I could not believe how stinkin’ hot it still was.  I’m not sure of the temp, but I literally wrung out my shirt at the end of the run.  It’s not like I was wearing some old cotton t-shirt, either.  I was sportin’ high-tech running gear.  I thought that stuff was supposed to “wick” the moisture away.  🙂
  • This time last year, I was packing and ready to go to Louisville for IMKY.  I was nervous as hell, anxious, but excited.  Although I didn’t realize it until later in the week, I was undertrained for the terrain, and ultimately DNF’d the race.  Hardest day of my athletic life…in more ways than one.  Physically and mentally.  DNF’ing just plain sucks.  The silver lining of the day?  Great support at the athlete pick-up area from good friends and a super-supportive wife (who had already booked me a community fund slot at IMFL just 8 weeks later).
  • I’ve been in denial.  For a few weeks, I’ve had a nagging pain in my right heal.  I suspected that it was probably something like plantar fasciitis, but I didn’t want to believe it.  After much web research, I’m close to positive that’s what I’ve got.  Time for self-treatment:  fun w/ the foam roller, coke can, stretching, and Motrin.  Given my upcoming races, I don’t particularly want to take time off, but I don’t want this to get worse either. 
  • I wonder to what extent my shoes have contributed to the foot pain.  Earlier this year, I changed back to Saucony shoes – which is NOT a big deal, as I’ve run in Saucony for many years.  In fact, I’ve always been a big fan of Saucony.  I picked a new shoe though (Tangent 4) – a more neutral, lightweight shoe – than I’ve previously run in.  I don’t typically need a motion control shoe, and thought that with all the press about more “natural” running that a lighter shoe might approximate that.  Since my birthday is coming up, I think I’ll treat myself to a new pair of shoes – something a little farther up the stability scale – and save the Tangents to use as a quasi flat (even though I have a kickin’ pair of flats that I love!)
  • I found an idea on one of my Trakkers’ teammates blogs to try First Endurance’s Ultragen as a frozen smoothie.  I have the Cappuccino flavor – which already tastes just like a cup of Starbucks.  Add ice and throw in a blender, and it’s a freakin’ Frappuccino – except that it’s better for you and doesn’t cost $5.00.  That’s one hell of a recovery drink for when it’s smokin’ hot outside!  In fact, I’m sippin’ on one as I type this blog entry tonight.
  • I love visors.  I wear them all the time.  I especially love Head Sweats visors.  The only problem I’ve found with them is the elastic gets too lose over time, causing the visor to be a little too big.  Maybe I’ve got a big ‘ole melon and that causes them to get out of whack.  Not sure.  Do you have that problem with them?  The other problem with visors?  I don’t have the thickest hair, and therefore if I forget suscreen, my scalp gets cooked.  The worst part of sunburned scalp?  Usually I don’t realize I’ve sunburned my head until I step into the hot shower and stick my head in the water.  Ye-ouch!

Thanks for reading!  Check back soon – I’ll be posting the next installment of “Ten Questions With” in the next day or so.  This week’s interview is a good one!


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  1. >Joel – Ultragen Cappuccino is my fav recovery drink too! I actually crave that stuff and during tough workouts tell myself that my Ultragen Capp is waiting!!! Great idea to make it a smoothie — I am so trying that after tomorrow mornings workout! oh and I love the headsweat visors too … that is all I wear when running!

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