>Airport Blues

>So, here I sit.  Enjoying the lovely confines of the Minneapolis airport.  Waiting. 

I’ve mentioned before that I have been traveling a lot for work.  It seems that I’m on the road almost weekly.  On each of my last several trips, I’ve had lots of experiences that true road warriers face.  Missed flights.  Delays.  This week, one of the pilots forgot to show up for one of my flights.  Tonight, the delay is due to weather in Chicago. 

And so, here I sit.  Waiting.  Soon my flight will arrive and I can go home.  I think.


One thought on “>Airport Blues

  1. >Weather in Chicago. Second only to weather in the Northeast. I'm sorry you are sitting there watching Airport CNN. Often wonder why airlines picked ORD and MSP as hub cities, not always the best weather.

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