>Bacon on the Run

>You know, occasionally we come across some strange things while we’re out on the bike or on a run. I’ve certainly seen my fair share of oddities…tons of trash, dead animals, lots of Mr. No-Shoulders and his friends (a/k/a snakes- yuck), rude passers-by, drink chucking rednecks, etc. This morning’s run offered up something that I don’t recall ever seeing during a run here in NE Florida! My run was an easy run…just 4 miles at a snail’s pace (relatively speaking). The road I chose to run along is relatively new and undeveloped – and cuts through what used to be timber land. As I’m trotting along enjoying some good tunes on the iPod, I notice a large, black animal on the opposite side of the road about 100 yards ahead. First thought, “Great – someone’s Rotty has gotten out and I’m going to have to deal with a big dog on the loose.” As I get closer, though, I realize that this animal is anything but a dog. It was a wild PIG – and had to be close to 200 lbs big. I suspected that as I got even with him, he’d scamper off back into the woods. Nope. He just stood there, eating grass & rooting for bugs. I think this had to be one of the most unexpected things I’ve ever seen on a run here in Jax (I’ve seen pigs on runs in other parts of the state before). My second thought (after realizing that what I saw was a pig): “Man, I want some bacon!”


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  1. >Believe it or not a Florida bobcat (cougar?, or whatever they are) near my house during a run…. or the alligator strolling along the road in the "hood" during a run. We have it all here in FL, fo sho

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