>Flying the Friendly Skies


So, over the past several weeks I have stepped into a new role at work.  The good news is that the job is broader in terms of responsibilities, and was a promotion of sorts.  The not so good news…it requires significant travel.  Almost every week since May 1, I’ve been on the road.  During May and June, I’ve traveled to Kansas City almost weekly.  Well, two weeks ago, my job got even bigger, and now I have responsibilities for operations in two cities – Kansas City and Sioux Falls, SD.


Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited to have a new job with a bigger role.  I’m also excited about the fact that I don’t need to move away from Jax.  That said traveling every Monday thru Friday puts a big crimp on my ability to swimbikerun.


Yesterday, I experienced the “hell” that comes with travel.  I was scheduled to fly to KC via Memphis.  Thank GOD it wasn’t through Atlanta (horrible airport).  I arrived at the airport in Jax at 6am for a 6:55 flight.  Normally this is more than ample time to go through security.  Not yesterday.  It took me a solid hour to get through.  By the time I reached my gate, my plane had just pushed back from the gate.  L.  I got re-routed fairly easily – I was to fly to New York and then fly to KC, arriving by 2:30…only a few hours after I was supposed to get there in the first place. 


We fly up to the NYC area, and proceed to circle.  And circle.  And circle.  For 45 minutes.  We circled so much that we started to run out of gas – we had to fly back to Baltimore to fuel up.  Lucky us, we spent 45 minutes sitting on the tarmac in Baltimore getting gas before returning back to New York.  As you can guess, I missed my connection to KC.  As I stopped by the gate counter to find out how I could get to KC yesterday, the Delta rep told me that all flights were booked solid, and I wasn’t going to fly out to KC until TODAY!  Ugh. 


What did I do?  I meandered through thousands of people to find a bar.  I mean, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?  A couple of beers later, several phone calls to my admin, my travel company and to Delta, I was booked stand-by on a flight leaving NYC at 8pm. 


Eight o’clock came.  The gate agent called everyone up for check in, but didn’t call the stand-bys.  I was nervous.  I didn’t want to spend the night at the airport!  Finally, the agent called me over.  I was cleared though and able to get on the plane.  I was the ONLY stand-by passenger allowed to get on.  Whew.


I finally got to KC last night close to midnight.  Late, for sure, but I was here.  What a crazy day.