>Video Thursday

>A friend of mine emailed me this video today – totally cracks me up. If you’re a dad, you’ll totally get it. Enjoy!

The video below is one of the motivational videos produced by WTC for their Ironman races.  I can’t even remember how many times I watched this video in 2009 while training for IMKY and IMFL.  Basically, it pumps me up every time I watch it!  Even now, I want to run out and do a 140.6 race!

The video below is a commercial from Clif Bars.  It a really funny approximation of a triathlon swim start…

And, last but not least…You’ve got to check out the videos that Big Daddy Diesel posted on his blog today!  The videos are commercials for Tom  Tom.  They are a riot!  Especially the Yoda one!  After I watched the videos, I read the comments on his blog entry, and cracked up again when I saw the Jar-Jar comment!  Check it out here!

So what are your fav videos online?  Triathlon related or not.  Please post a comment with the url!

Thanks for reading (and watching)!