A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was starting the 100 push-up challenge.  I didn’t expect this thing to be easy….but HOLY CRAP!

I got through week 3, and then took some time off to play in a golf tournament, and I was just plain lazy for a few days.  Net/net…I took off a little more than a week.

Bad move!

I started up again yesterday where I left off…at the beginning of week 4.  My sets yesterday were supposed to be:  21, 25, 21, 21 and at least 32…all on a minute rest.  So I start hammering out the first set, get to about 15 and think to myself that my arms are going to rip out of my shoulders.  I finished the set and nearly collapsed.  Time to regroup.  Rewind.  I went back to week 3 to catch up on my fitness.  So I finished out the set with 18, 14, 14 and 20.  Essentially, I’m going to end up re-doing week 3 before moving on.

Today, I cannot move.  My chest is sore.  My shoulders are sore.  I feel like a bench pressed a VW bug. 

And that’s a good thing.  J