>Random Pictures

>Going through files on my laptop and found a few images I thought I’d toss up on the blog tonight…Enjoy (or at least don’t throw rotten eggs at me).  Thanks for reading!

I got this picture from one of my Trakkers teammates.  Totally cracked me up! 
Earlier in the spring, I was the “model” (term used VERY broadly) for a bulletin for our church.  I spent about an hour at a friend/photographer’s house sweating like a pig, just so she could get the “money shot”.  I told my paster that if the goal was to DRIVE PEOPLE AWAY from our church, then using my picture would accomplish that goal.  The final version of the bulletin is below:

This is a picture of sunrise at Jacksonville Beach – about 10 minutes from my house.  I didn’t take the picture, but I think it’s BEAUTIFUL.
Me suffering up one of the “small” rollers at IMKY in 2009.  The Zipp wheels really paid off for all the time I spent in my granny gear (notice where the chain is…)  I was probably knocking back about 8mph at the time this picture was taken.  Ack!
Me…damn happy to be finishing!

My friends Martin(on left) and Jeff (on right) as we prepared for the start of the 2010 IM 70.3 FL.  Jeff is a stud athlete, and totally rocked the race.  This was Martin’s first stab at a 70.3 race.  In fact, it was his first triathlon EVER!  He had a good swim and a killer bike, but the heat in O-Town did him in (as it did many of us).