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If you read my blog, chances are pretty high that you’re a triathlete.  And, chances are that you actually do some races.  You may even travel to complete a race.

So why not consider a DESTINATION RACE for 2011?  By destination race, I don’t mean heading to some town in America for a long weekend.

As you may have heard, Rev3 announced a month or so ago that their first international race will be held in COSTA RICA.  So here are some details that you might find interesting:

·         The race is scheduled for the weekend of Feb 18-20

·         There are several races to choose from during the weekend:  (a) Kids Rev – a FREE race for kids under 13, (b) Sprint Rev, (c) Olympic Rev, and (d) Half Rev.  There are relays for all the races.

·         The race will be held in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.  This is on the Pacific side of the country, and is home to great surfing, fishing, and beautiful scenery.  From what I’ve read, the terrain is generally flat – although there are volcanoes towards the eastern side of the region.

·         You won’t need a wetsuit to race here…the water will be about 80 degrees.  When was the last time you did an open water swim in FEBRUARY without a wetsuit?  Um…never?!?!

·         Being held in February, it will be a GREAT spring break trip.  Can you imagine leaving the snow and cold of New York or Colorado or Idaho for the warmth of a tropical paradise?  If next winter is anything like the past one, this will be a welcome respite for lots of us!  Plus, if you bring your family, you can expose your kids to different cultures, animals, wildlife, etc.  You’ll even head home with a tan!  It’s a win-win-win situation.

I’d LOVE to do this race.  It’s on my wish list for 2011.  To me, this looks like one heck of a destination race.

For more information on the race, click here.  For more information on Costa Rica, click here.


SMALL PRINT:  As you can tell by looking to the right, I’m affiliated with Rev3 via my involvement with Team Trakkers.  I do have a vested interest in pimping the Rev3 races, as they are so dang gracious to support me.  Regardless of that fact, however, the race looks amazing and is really high on my list for next year (and would be even if Rev3 didn’t support me).  So go sign up!  If you want a discount code, email me at this address.



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  1. >I would love to do that race but I am not commiting to anything for awhile. I gotta geet healthy! But thanks so much for pointing it out!

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