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I like snippets of information.  Perhaps it’s a throwback to the days of MTV News (with Mark Goodman).  Maybe I read too much USA Today.  Could be that I still live in the dreamland of broadcasting (way back in the day, I used to be a radio DJ, and at one time read news on-the-air).  Regardless, I like soundbites.  Bits of news. Nuggets of information.

Today’s version of Tri Madness is dedicated to the newsflash.  Fifteen little snippets of information that you might find interesting…but then again, might not…

  1. My biggest swimbikerun Fear Factor moment:  Hitting 60mph while heading down the mountain from Boone, NC to Wilkesboro, NC.  This is a 30 or so mile ride that drops approximately 2300 ft of elevation in 10 miles.
  2. Most painful bike crash:  hitting the pavement in Jax @ 30mph.  Result:  broken collarbone, broken thumb, surgery to fix both.  Surprisingly, I got the better end of the deal – the guy I crashed with broke his jaw.
  3. Best group ride:  MS Cycle to the Shore.  Nothing like riding 170 miles or so with 2500 of my closest friends
  4. Most scenic places I’ve ridden: 
    Blue Ridge Parkway

    (NW North Carolina), especially near Grandfather Mountain; Hwy A1A in the Florida Keys (near Islamorada)

  5. Hardest ride I’ve ever done:  Climbed Beech Mountain in Banner Elk, NC.  3.8 miles, 1800 ft elevation change.  This is a billy goat climb
  6. Most humbling moment in triathlon:  DNF at 2009 Ironman Louisville.  This was the toughest day of my life.  Way under prepared for the “rolling” hills.  Tried to walk the marathon.  Wasn’t able to finish in time.
  7. Biggest triathlon moment:  Completing the 2009 Ironman Florida
  8. My first “real” bike:  51cm de Rosa with Dura Ace components, circa 1990.  Hand-built by friends while I worked at Performance Bike Shop in Chapel Hill, NC
  9. What I ride today:  Med 2007 QR Tequilo with Dura Ace components.  Nicknamed “Ana”. Sounds exotic, but she’s not
  10. Longest swim workout:  4500 yards.  That’s a LONG way to go
  11. Amazing athletes I know:  Bruce & Linda Reid.  Both are part of the 50-state Marathon club.  Bruce is now on a quest to do a MS ride in each state.  Retirement is good.
  12. Craziest thing I’ve done on a bike:  Raced in a criterium.  Brings a new meaning to fear.
  13. Fastest 1600m I’ve ever run:  4:35 (22 years ago).  Fastest mile I’ve run recently:  8:30.  Age sucks.
  14. Most embarrassing moment during a race:  Trying to leave T1 with my bike helmet on…backwards…and getting stopped by a volunteer to fix it
  15. Craziest thing I’ve seen during swimbikerun:  Cottonmouth moccasin striking at a passing mountain biker while running on a trail, hitting the spokes of the rear wheel and getting tossed through the air.  Totally freaked me out.  I HATE snakes.  At least the poisonous ones.
What are some of your headlines?  Any breaking news that you’d like to share?  Please leave a message with some interestingness.  If you’re a blogger, consider posting something along these lines, along with a link in my comments.  

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

PS:  Tri Madness is taking a vacation.  I’m heading to NC to play in a golf tournament over the weekend.  See you next week!

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  1. >Boone to wilkes, was that ride on 421? One day I am going to repeat your post once I have a few races under my belt.

  2. >Luke – yep. Boone to Wilkeboro was on 421, back before they re-did it from the top of the climb through Deep Gap and into Boone. The ride from Boone to the Parkway was a real white knuckler…only to be topped by dropping almost vertically down the mountain.

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