>The Law According to Murphy


If something can go wrong; it will go wrong.

Take, for example, my swim workout this morning:

Alarm set for 0630.  Check.  Wake up before it goes off.  Check. 

So far, so good.

Grab a quick bite to eat, grab the swim gear bag and head to the pool.  Perfection.

I arrive at the pool, only to find the high school team is there, and has taken up 5 of the 8 lanes.  One lane is taken by rather large lady swimming some sort of side-stroke, crawl combo thingie.  She took up the entire lane.  So…down to 2 workable lanes.  Not a problem.

Grab my pull buoy, my zoomers and my kickboard.  Set them down at the end of the lane.  Set my water bottle down.  Go to grab the goggles…

…where are my goggles?

I dig around in my bag.  What do I find?  Dust bunnies.

Repack my swim bag.  Grab my water bottle.  Head for home.  Total time at the pool:  5 minutes.

Coach Mark’s parting shot:  “You’re leaving?  You didn’t even get wet!”


Have you had any Murphy’s Law moments?  What were they?


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  1. >There are a few times I have woken up before the alarm, turned it off, got dressed for a run or swim, sat down to put on shoes socks, etc, and then fallen back asleep while sitting up. When I wake up not only have I missed my workout but am late for work too. this usually also leads to forgetting my gym bag for my lunch time workout and my lunch. -Luke fatlete.blogspot.com

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