>Why My LBS is like a Car Dealership


Yesterday afternoon, I finally went and picked up Ana the QR from her extended hospital stay at my local bike shop.  She’s fully recovered from her misadventures at the IM 70.3 FLA, and is in need of significant physical therapy now.

Let me be the first to say that I love my LBS – Champion Cycling in Jacksonville.  Phil and Jeff are amazing guys and take really good care of me.  That said, every time I walk into the shop, I feel like I’ve set foot on a car dealer’s lot.  

I mean, seriously.  There are always so many shiny, sweet-looking goodies to tempt you when you go into a shop.  New bikes.  Spiffy new tri bikes decked out with the newest SRAM or Zipp.  Race wheels by the dozen.  Glasses.  Shoes.  The list goes on and on.  Even the little LED headlights are cool to look at.  All to be had.  Waiting to go home with you.  Wanting to go out for a ride.  And, you can get them with 6-month interest-free financing!  What a bargain!

I could spend a week in the bike shop just looking around and the gear.  Maybe it hearkens back to the days in college when I worked in a bike shop back in Chapel Hill.  Maybe I’m just a gear junkie. 

The other cool thing about my LBS – which is SO different from lots of car dealerships – is that you don’t get a “hard sell” to buy stuff.  Which is a good thing.  I suspect that I’d fall victim to temptation, come home with a ton new gear, and then have to own up to my family CFO.

What about you?  Do you have the same reaction when you go into a LBS?  (heck, I drool at races too)

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3 thoughts on “>Why My LBS is like a Car Dealership

  1. >NOPE!Whenever I look at that stuff in the LBS I see my kid's college education. But in 10 year, I will be seeing it through a different set of eyes……

  2. >Oh I have the exact same feeling when I go to my local bike shop. I feel like a kid in a candy shop and just have to look, and possibly touch, everything!

  3. >I do as well, imagine how tough it is when my team is a bike shop team, even going in for meetings its hard, then they go out and get a new line, I am lucky that I am very stasified with my current bikes.

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