>Hospital Bound & More


Ana has gone to the hospital.  You may know Ana.  I wrote about her just a few posts ago.  She’s my QuintinANA Roo.  She got banged up a couple of weeks ago at the 70.3 in Orlando.  I’m still waiting on the official prognosis and diagnosis, but I suspect she needs a new chain.  She may even need some leg work done (may need new spokes on the right side of the rear wheel).  I should hear from Dr. Phil (no…not that one) at my local bike shop tomorrow with the details.  I suspect she’ll need some serious physical therapy when she gets home from the hospital.  J  I’ll be happy to oblige.


Other randomness:

·         I love to people watch.  What people wear, and what they think they look good in, never ceases to amaze me.  Take, for instance, what people wear to the beach (insert lake, river, local pool, whatever).  My family and I spent a good part of Memorial Day frolicking at the beach.  I’m not going to describe the various attire, so you’ll have to use your imagination.  Suffice it to say that there were a lot of people in very tiny bathing suits that needed to have…more material.  In some cases, YARDS more material. 

·         A month or so ago I wrote about how bad my diet was and how I wanted to give up on some types of food.  Well…for the most part, I have done OK.  I still have an occasional soda.  I’ve tried not to eat too much fried stuff…although I did fall off the wagon for a big plate of buffalo wings a few weeks ago, and it’s really hard to not eat fries.  I’ve eaten oatmeal almost every morning for breakfast over the past month…which supposedly is a good thing.  But, alas, no weight loss.  No weight gain, either. 

·         Rev3 Quassy is this coming weekend.  I’m envious of my Trakkers teamies who are racing this weekend.  From everything I’ve read and seen, the race is one helluva course.  If you’re racing, look out for all the green-clad Trakkers, and make sure you stop by the Trakkers aid station in the Oly race on Saturday.

·         I met a guy at the beach yesterday while waiting in line for the bathroom.  OK – seriously – when do guys EVER have a longer line than the girls???  He was clearly a cyclist.  I asked him how far he was going, and we ended up chatting about how he rides about 30 miles every day.  7 days a week.  365 days a year.  No matter what the weather is, where he is, how he feels.  I asked him why?  His response?  Cycling is a great way to get “centered”.  The way he described his daily rides was almost spiritual.  

·         A really sad testament to the society we (specifically, I) live in.  Each year, the North Florida Bicycle Club puts on a Memorial Day bike ride.  It’s a large event – I heard that there were close to 400 riders in it this year.  The sad part…there was a confrontation between a vehicle driver and several cyclists near the finish line.  The outcome:  two of the cyclists were stabbed, and the driver was locked up.  One of the cyclists is still in the hospital and in critical condition.  Really, this is unbelievable.  And sad. 



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  1. >Congrats on the diet changes. The weight loss will come. That really sucks about the Memorial Day ride. I just don't understand why drivers act the way they do and that behavior is not any fathomable!

  2. >People really suck – who'd of ever thunk a simple ride would turn into a freaking attempted murder? that guy better get locked up for a long time — glad this happened in a state that has harsh penalties for senseless crime.

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