>In Absentia


It’s been exactly 11 days since I’ve done any type of exercise (I suppose my swimbikerun in Orlando counts as exercise).  Needless to say, I’m anxious to get back at it.  I’ve missed working out.

I’ve been on injured reserve due to a little procedure thing I had done on the 17th.  I’m the proud owner of a bunch of stitches in my back as a result of this little procedure.  I was warned by my doctor that I should not do any swimbikerun until the stitches come out, lest I tear them and cause further problems.  So, I’ve been a “good boy”.  I’ve done nothing.  Well…not true.  I’ve been eating tons.  I’m still traveling, and it’s really a challenge to eat well on the road.

I considered cheating some.  I actually brought running gear with me to Kansas City this week.  How would a 5 mile run hurt? I can’t imagine I’d tear the stitches out just by running.  But, wait…I can’t.  My doctor told me not to do it.  Should I stay the course or find a fix for my missing workouts?

Screw it…I’m running tonight!


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  1. >It's amazing how much we missing training when we CAN'T do it and sometimes dread it when we can. Go figure. Wishing you a speedy recovery… be good Daniel son.

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