>Ironman 70.3 Florida Quickie Results


Overall, it was a challenging day.  I had a good swim, a good bike (for 40 miles) – then had mechanical issues that cost me 45 minutes sitting on the side of the road, and temps above 90 degrees with no shade on the run – which resulted in a very slow half marathon.

The quick & dirty:

  • Swim:  46:27
  • T1:  7:39 (transition at this race is LONG due to what seems like a half mile run from the lake to transition area)
  • Bike:  3:33:57, 15.70mph.  Compounded by said mechanical issues; averaged 19.5mph until 40 miles; about 16mph after that due to wheels out of true (love brake rub)
  • T2:  4:53
  • Run: 3:01:30 (13:51/mi)

Happy with the results?  Ehh – not really.  I was super happy until mile 40 of the bike.  

I’ll share more details, observations & thoughts in a much more detailed post in the next day or so.



3 thoughts on “>Ironman 70.3 Florida Quickie Results

  1. >Congrats on getting to the finish line, no matter what the time. I heard that people were dropping like flies on the run, so it's no small accomplishment to have finished!

  2. >I couldn't run 10 minutes let along 3 hours. Major congrats on finishing in the face of challenges!

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