>Where Art Thou, Tri Madness?

>Wow.  Where the heck has Tri Madness been?  Life has been crazy busy – traveling last week and this week for work, coupled with lots of kids sports and honey-do list over the weekend.

So, what’s been going on?

  • Rev3 held its first race of the season this past weekend in Knoxville.  There were both Olympic and 70.3 distance races.  The feature race was the Olympic race.  Matt Reed and Julie Dibens won the race.  Check out some great stories & reports about the race here, here, or here.  From all that I’ve read, sounds like it was a heck of a race.  Lots of opportunities to interact with pros, great volunteers, a spectacular bike route, and really good weather.  I’ve heard of some opportunities with timing of some racers, but at the end of the day, the vast majority of what I’ve read has been just outstanding.
  • The next Rev3 race will be next month in Quassy, CT.  The actual race weekend is June 5-6.  This venue was the original Rev3 location last year, and by all accounts, this tract is one of the most difficult on the 70.3 circuit.  If you’re interested in entering and want to save some money on your registration, leave a comment and I’ll get you a discount code.
  • Still on the Rev3 update train…last week Rev3 announced a new venue for 2011…COSTA RICA.  Yes – that’s correct!  COSTA RICA.  In February!  Check out the Rev3 website for more information. 
  • I’m in the final countdown for this weekend’s 70.3 race in Orlando.  Did my final “big” swim tonight (2000 yards) and will do a few more runs between now and then.  Still breaking in my new Saucony Fastwitch 4 racing flats.  The weather forecast for this weekend is typical mid-May in Florida.  Sunny.  Hot.  Humid.  Light breeze.  Just like I like it!
  • Very cool happening of the week:  Last night I found a nice Italian restaurant here in KC.  When I sat down, the waiter said that Monday nights were half-priced bottles of wine.  I found a nice malbec from Argentina and ordered it (for the outstanding price of $13.00)!  When my bill came after dinner, I noticed that the bill seemed extraordinarily low.  The waiter told me that he had comped the entire bottle!  How about that for a nice treat!

Thanks so much for reading!


4 thoughts on “>Where Art Thou, Tri Madness?

  1. >A fellow blogger was in that race this weekend and ended up with a DNS (did not start). For some reason they didn't get her chip info in the computer. She is quite livid.. Unfortunately for them, she has a following of around 150 bloggers, mostly triathletes.

  2. >Thanks for the post…and good luck this weekend. I am hoping to be down there…getting some work on a little injury that has been bothering me…..I will look out for a fellow Trakker if I am there 🙂

  3. >Hey Joe – welcome back to the blogosphere and good luck this weekend!Costa Rica sounds pretty cool … might have to consider that next season .. the wife would be all for it!Comped Alcohol = Awesome

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