>When Negative is Positive


Most often, when we think of a number that is negative, we don’t associate that with being a good thing.  For example, if our checkbook has a negative balance, we are bouncing checks.  If our investments have negative growth, our retirement is getting farther and farther away.  If revenues are negative to plan, we’re not likely getting a bonus this year.  Sometimes, though, negative numbers are a really good thing.  For example, those folks on the TV show “The Biggest Loser” who lose weight – that is a positive negative.  Same for just about any time Michael Phelps gets into the pool – his times tend to be lower than a world record (thus a negative difference in time with a positive outcome).

Last night I got to experience my own positive negatives. (Boy, that’s a mouthful).

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m having a really excellent week of training.  Perhaps all those EPO transfusions are starting to work after all.  J.  Maybe the Optygen HP that I’ve been trying over the past couple of weeks is impacting my performance.  Most likely (ok…hopefully), I’m starting to peak at just the right time.  

Last night’s routine called for a 5-mile run.  I had Mr. Garmin with me, but it was dark, so I couldn’t really watch how I was doing.  It’s almost like I was “blind”.  Here’s how the run went:

Mile 1:  09:17.21.  Nice and easy; good warm up mile

Mile 2:  09:06.81.  Didn’t really notice that I had picked up the pace slightly.  Felt really good.  I was thinking about my upcoming 70.3 race – specifically nutrition and dealing with “African Grasslands” on the run.

Mile 3:  09:02.24.  At this point I realized I was running strongly for me.  Breathing was controlled.  Form was good.  No laboring at all.

Mile 4:  08:57.07.  Still feeling good.  At two points I dialed it back a little because I didn’t want to get too fatigued.  Violent Femmes on the iPod during this mile.  Nothin’ like running to “Blister in the Sun” – brings back fond memories of riding the bus to cross country meets in high school

Mile 5:  08:45.79.  Again, not really trying to smoke the last mile, but I felt very strong so I just kept running.

Total time:  :45:11.  :09.02/mile pace.  Dayum!

Now, that’s not my fastest 5-miles ever; it’s not even my fastest 5-miles this year.  The point here is that I was running negative splits and felt very strong the entire run.  A clear case where negative is positive!



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  1. >Gotta love those moments when your realize all that training and planning is actually making some difference!

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