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Don’t you love it when you go into a workout and come out of it really feeling excited and happy about your performance?  Last night’s swim workout was one such workout.  I hit the pool with an easy warm up, and then transitioned into a pull set followed by a 500 free and then some 50 sprints with limited recovery.  I was totally wiped out at the end, but felt really strong the entire way.  I’ve been working on bilateral breathing – and while I can do it, I am not good at it.  For whatever reason, I always tend to drink the pool when I breathe to the left.  Yesterday was no exception – but I had more instances of getting clear air than I have recently, so that’s a winner.


It’s been exciting to read other bloggers’ race reports.  I am really interested in reading about the challenges other folks have when racing.  Especially if they feel like their race turned into a train wreck and then they overcame whatever issue they had.  These types of stories are really motivating.  Some good race reports that I’ve read this week belong to Chloe, The Running Girl, Emergence (Jon Gilchrest), and professional triathlete Bree Wee.


I know a lot of triathletes struggle with planning their nutrition, especially for 70.3 and 140.6 races.  I certainly put a lot of thought into my races.  Well, I’ve always wondered how professionals approach race-day nutrition.  I mean, if you watch IM Kona coverage on TV, you never see the pros slurping down a gel, eating an energy bar, grabbing a banana, etc.  It’s almost like they don’t ever eat or drink while racing.  Of course, as triathletes, we know better.  I came across a great video post by Trakkers Pro Michael Lovato detailing his approach to nutrition at 140.6 races.  Take a look! 


At last summer’s IMKY, my friend Jeff raced in a set of Zoot compression sleeves that he picked up at the expo.  He loved the way they felt both during the race and on the drive back to ATL the next day.  I have a pair of Zensah sleeves that I find really comfortable, but I’ve only worn them post-run for recovery purposes.  I’m considering wearing them in my upcoming 70.3 race, but not 100% sure yet.  What say you?  If you have them, when do you wear them?  Would you wear them for the race?  If you would wear them, would you wear them all day (meaning put them on prior to the swim start, wear them for the bike and run) or just put them on at T2?  Looking for some input & thoughts here.


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3 thoughts on “>Race Report Love & Compression

  1. >Glad to hear you had a great swim last night!I have a pair of compression sleeves for my legs but only wear them after long runs. Actually, it's been so long since my last long run (until recently) that I forgot I have them!

  2. >All day dude!! Older you get the better they feel. I'll be sporting compression socks and Under Armor compression long sleeve from 8:30 Saturday until….. hopefully about that same time Saturday night..

  3. >Thanks for the plug in your blog today. I always enjoy reading what other triathletes are doing as well.I have compression socks, not sleeves, so I only wear them after the race for recovery. But I've been eyeing the sleeves. I think if I wore them for a race, I'd wear them from the start. They would be too hard to get on in T1 over wet legs.

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