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Some random thoughts from over the weekend…

·         I am amazed by the level of energy that can be exuded by a group of middle school kids.  I was a small group leader this past weekend on a church youth group trip.  We took 180 middle school kids from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach for a weekend of fellowship, crazy wacked-out messy games, and bonding.  I was in a room with three other adults, two youth leaders, and 17 eighth-grade boys.  All I can say is that I saw this group single handedly destroy more energy drinks, Oreos, and pizzas than I ever thought was humanly possible.  I got about 8 hours of sleep total between Friday and Saturday nights.

·         I have a new love.  I have been a Gu fan for several years.  Yesterday I finally tried Liquid Shot by First Endurance, and I’ve got to say that this stuff is the BOMB!  Liquid Shot is a gel, but not a gel.  It comes in a flask, with 4 servings in the flask.  This stuff has a very light vanilla flavor (which I love) and is the consistency of … pancake syrup.  Thus it’s a gel, but not a gel.  It’s really easy to drink and settles very nicely on the stomach.  My only concern:  how to best carry?  I guess I’ll let the flask ride in my jersey pocket and probably carry whilst running.

·         Yesterday’s bike session came on the heels of the aforementioned middle school trip and a thunderstorm.  I hit the pavement not long after the rain stopped, only to find that the winds had not cleared yet.  The goal was to do a 35 mile ride with 2-minute pick-ups after my warm up.  Needless to say, the first 15-16 miles were straight into the wind…so warming up didn’t take long.  I was busting out my 2-minute pick-ups…really pushing the speed and a big gear.  My last three pick-ups were spectacular – I had massive leg burn, extreme breathing, and top speeds north of 26mph.  For me, fantastic.  I ended up cutting the ride a little short – I kept getting rained on and was getting really tired of not being able to really see all that well.  

·         As much as I loved Liquid Shot yesterday…I have to say, it’s much tastier going down than coming up.  I crossed over to territory I haven’t been in since high school track workouts.  So picture this:  I’m cruising along on one of my two minute pick-ups, feel a nice little burp coming along…and instead of feeling the wonderful relief as a belly full of gas is violently expelled as a level 10 Richter scale explosive burp, I get a wonderful mouthful of blech.  Nothing like feeling like a mother bird looking for a baby to eat leftover worms.  Thank God I’m pretty good at spitting and missing myself in the process (didn’t want to get the new Trakkers bike kit all brown & yucky).  Just purged and kept going. 

·         I really hate that I’m not going to be able to race Rev3 Knoxville.  This was supposed to be on my race calendar – and really it was before some family obligations came up.  My Team Trakkers teammates are really getting into the fray.  I’ve mentioned the Pro Team Trakkers throwdown before.  Now the amateurs are getting involved too.  Team Trakkers has challenged two other tri teams to figure out who is the best of all time (like we don’t already know).  There’s a $500 Saucony gift certificate on the line for the winning team.  Now, I don’t have illusions of grandeur – I know that I wouldn’t be in the mix if I were running at Knoxville – but it would be a blast to watch the drama unfold in person.  

·         Inside 3 weeks to my first “big” race of the year…Florida 70.3 in Orlando.  I’m really beginning to look forward to the race, as the first time I raced there it kicked my butt.  Overall, I’m not the fondest of the course – the run is essentially through some African grasslands – and it’s always hot in Orlando in May.  Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to smashing my time from the last time I raced here.


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  1. >Liquid Shot, huh? I might have to try that! Sorry to hear you spewed up a bit later… yuck!BTW, I tried my Tri Swim products today after swim practice! I really like them. I will be doing a write up on those and other products tomorrow! 🙂

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