>Talkin’ Junk


So by now you know that I’m sponsored by Trakkers.  Trakkers has a team of eight elite (a/k/a PROFESSIONAL) athletes and 30-something age-groupers like me.  Well, that may not be 100% accurate.  I think I probably am the token slow old guy on the team, and they are all jack-rabbit fast.

Last weekend, the elite Trakkers had a camp in Austin, TX.  During the weekend, they officially launched the team, tested the Trakkers product, shook hands, kissed babies, and did a little swimbikerun.  One other thing they did was talk a little junk.  Trakkers dropped a $5000 challenge on Team Trek-KSwiss to show the best tri team at Rev3 Knoxville next month.  There’s apparently been lots of Tweeting about the challenge, plus some chatter on various triathlon message boards (Slowtwitch.com).

On a weekly podcast last night, Trakkers teammies Michael Lovato and Ritchie Cunningham did a little trash talking.  Check it out here!

The real challenge hits on May 9th at Rev3 Knoxville.  I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

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