>Blown Away

>As part of my job I have the (ahem) luxury of doing some travel.  I enjoy visiting new cities, and really appreciate the differences between where I travel to and where I live.  This year I’ve been to Dallas, Kansas City, and Boise, ID.  This week I’m visiting the Mount Rushmore state of South Dakota.

I live in a flat state (Florida).  Basically, we don’t have many hills.  In fact, the hills we do have have another name in other parts of the country…that name is “overpass”.  Sioux Falls appears to be equally flat as Florida. 

So why am I writing about the geography of South Dakota and how does it fit into triathlon training?  Simple.  Since spring has sprung in the midwest, I had planned on running outside this week.  Take yesterday, for example.  Beautiful, sunny, 83 degree day.  Want to go for a run?  No luck.  Only if you can manage to fight the 30mph sustained winds with gusts into the 50mph range.  “Why is it so windy,” I asked one of my colleagues. “No trees” was the answer – and it’s so true. I guess the trees in Florida do a good job of blocking out the wind sometimes.

Did I brave the gale force winds and run?  Yes, and no.  Yes, I went for a run….but NO, I did it on the treadmill.

For those of you that travel with your job, I’d love to hear your story about either the coolest place you’ve been for work and weaved in training…or alternatively, the opposite.

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  1. >Years ago when the Iron Curtain came down… I ran about 5 miles from the Eastern part of EAST GERMANY to the POLAND border.That was cool… especially with the border guards and their machine guns.. thought I was in the movie "Spys Like Us"

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