The State Park Throwdown

Last week for vacation, we went camping at a state park near Sarasota, FL.  We had perfect weather, and lots of good times.  We saw some amazing wildlife (wild boar, deer, raccoons, snakes, lots of birds…including vultures eating the windshield washers off some poor guy’s Suburban, and some really big alligators.  In fact, we saw more 10+ foot alligators than I’ve ever seen before).  Our good friends the Breens joined us for some of the fun and frivolity.  Both Laura and Martin are runners.  In fact, Martin is training now for his first 70.3 race.  To say that the three of us are competitive is a little of an understatement.  Point in case…

One morning, Laura went out for a quick 3-mile run.  She had a good run, and finished in about 27:30.  Certainly not a bad effort at all.

Later on that day, Martin and I went out for a run.  At the start of the run, we weren’t really focused on beating Laura’s time, but by the time we got about a mile in, both of us sort of looked at each other and decided we needed to beat her time.  We took the first mile in 9:11.58.  We picked up the pace some for the second mile (8:42), and both of us started to get a little winded.  Nevertheless, we knew that we were going to beat Laura’s time.  We finished the last mile in 8:28 – and completed the 3 miles in 26:21, beating Laura’s time by more than a minute.  Naturally, we rubbed the fact that we beat her time in a little J.

Now, there was no “official” race set up.  Just the gauntlet thrown down my Laura’s run earlier in the day.  Call it a case of machismo if you want.  I prefer to call it a little spirited competition.



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  1. >Of course her comeback should be that she is female and with the time handicap that that warrants, she beat your butt… 🙂 (old guys and women stick together… sorry bro)

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