>Triathlon – NASCAR Style

>I’m traveling this week, and in the midst of my mid-week hotel channel surfing yesterday, I came across a show that was the NASCAR equivalent of HBO’s Inside the NFL.  Lots of video of cars driving fast, turning left and occassionally crashing.  To set the record straight, I’m not a NASCAR fan.  I do think it’s a riot how the drivers weave their sponsors into their conversations.  Any time Jeff Gordon is interviewed, for example, he’s always saying stuff like, “We had the Dupont, Goodyear Chevy running real tight today.  Those new Gasaholic struts we used sure made the car ride like a dream.”

So, while I’m running this morning, I think back to the NASCAR show last night, and thought how funny it would be to see the same concept exhibited by professional triathletes. 

Imagine this exchange:

Chris McCormack “You know, today Lieto raced hard, but I was sure able to push the Zipp-SRAM powered Specialized bike to the limit today.  I was really comfortable in my Profile Design bars, and was able to keep my nutrition strong the whole way.  My Clif Bars really kept my nutrition levels high.”

Chris Lieto:  “Well, I had my nutrition plan down today; the Power Bars were working well.  I was watching my power levels all day on the CycleOps power meter.  My new K-swiss shoes were very pretty today, but I just didn’t feel the spring in my step the way I normally do.”

Wouldn’t that be funny?


4 thoughts on “>Triathlon – NASCAR Style

  1. >They head into corner with a left turn, then another left turn, down the straight away into a left turn, I am gonna make a bold predict he is gonna have another left turn.

  2. >But really….have you read their race reports lately? Don't most of the pros sound like that? It would be funny to hear them talking about bump drafting and giving a little nudge going into the corner…..maybe draft legal racing would be the edge we need to get triathlon more spectator friendly. Then we can just stay on a closed loop track and fill the stands! (I'm not really for draft legal racing, but it's fun to think about….)

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