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A few months ago, I took on a new role at work.  This role requires me to travel fairly regularly.  Most of my trips typically last less than a work week and aren’t so frequent that they usually disrupt my training too much.  That said, over the next four weeks I’ve got to travel quite a bit.  In fact, most of the weeks in the next month, I’m traveling more than I am at home.

Why is traveling a problem?  C’mon – expense account eating, sleeping in hotels, flying on packed planes, the opportunity to get lost driving around unfamiliar cities…what’s not to like?  In all seriousness, travel is a problem in that it limits my training.  It’s tough (and expensive) to fly a bike around the country.  Swimming laps in a hotel pool is painful – three strokes and a turn.  In the past, the way I’ve accommodated traveling during heavy training periods is that I’ve just manipulated my training plan.  Traveling so much in the next month will make that difficult to do.  I’ve got 2 races coming up in the next 60 days (an Olympic and a half-iron).  I’m concerned that the frequency of travel coming up might impact my ability to be sufficiently trained for my races.  Given that, you can see why I have some angst.

Have you had this issue before?  What steps did you take to accommodate travel & training?  What suggestions do you have for me?

Coming up later this week or next week:  (1) Product review of First Endurance’s ULTRAGEN product, and (2) a product giveaway contest – more details to come!



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  1. >That's my life.I hope you are home on weekends?Run 2 to 3 times per week where ever you are. Look up running clubs on the web in the towns you are in. Gives you a little discipline and motivation to show up.Bike once per week and build to your desired max.I hope you are a good swimmer. Do that whenever you can.

  2. >Maybe look into a Stretchcordz Short Belt, it attaches to a post and allows you swim because a bungee keeps you from going forward, excellent for small pools and practicing long continious swims with out having to touch a wall, just an ideahttp://www.metroswimshop.com/product.S119.htm

  3. >I have a hard time with training while traveling. I don't usually travel for long periods of time, but if I am away from home for a 3-4 day weekend I try to get in a really hard couple of days of workouts before I leave, maybe the morning I leave, and then I don't feel so guilty for taking a rest day or two. It's definitely a balancing act.

  4. >I say moderation! Keeping a 'normal' sleep schedule, eating healthfully, drinking lots, lots, lots of water. Before each trip look at what is available to you (no pool, but a nice hotel gym or a great YMCA close by but no hotel gym) and plan your week. When there is nothing else there is always a pair of running shoes to go out and run. It might mean some crazy mad training weekends when you are home, but if you have done part 1 of my advice that is a lot easier!!

  5. >I suggest finding a YMCA or other gym with a lap size pool. Run there and back, if it is close enough and find spin classes when you can. I find that when I travel but am working regular hours, I can usually get it all in with good planning.

  6. >24 hour fitness SPORT. they all have pools, they are everywhere, my dad finds a spin class when he travels, it just helps keep the biking legs alive.This can't be fun, but I bet you will find a way to fit it in!

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