>Bricklayer McGillicutty


Yesterday I reintroduced to my training program the particular routine that I think I like the least of all my different activities.  The Brick workout.  Well, maybe I’m lying.  I think I like intervals on a track a little less than brick workouts.  But nevertheless, I don’t usually like them.  Why?  They’re tough.  They hurt.  They make you tired. 

So why do a brick in the first place?  According to triathlon lore (as well as my own practical experience), brick workouts represent the closest thing you can get to race-day approximation in a workout.  They give you a chance to practice your transitions.  Bike-Run bricks help your legs get acclimated to running off the bike.  Running on tired legs helps build endurance.  To me, a brick is any workout that combines two disciplines.  Swim/Bike; Bike/Run; Swim/Run.  Now, I know that technically a transition run after a long bike ride might not be a brick…but to me it is.  I also know that most people don’t typically do swim/run bricks all that often.

Last night’s brick workout?  It wasn’t a “real” brick – it was a “baby” brick.  30 minutes on the bike trainer followed by 10 minutes on the tready.  I’ve got my first “real” brick scheduled for Saturday. 

What do you think?  Do you do bricks?  Do you like them?  What distances/duration to your bricks last?



4 thoughts on “>Bricklayer McGillicutty

  1. >I prefer my own twist on it, it's called a BREAK. I bike whatever distance on Sunday, take a break, and then go run.Not sure if it would conform to any sanctioned training plans but it works for me and hey, I have finished two IMs so can be all that bad.

  2. >Joel, Bricks are my favorite workout. I particularly like the 7-10mi ride / 2-3mi run two or three times. Enjoy!

  3. >Running off the bike is my biggest triathlon hurdle. For some reason my calves burn like crazy, but not when running alone. I'm now adding a 3rd short run to my weekly training, and am thinking of doing a brick every alternate week. Not sure if it's overkill, but I need to work on this… if it gets better, then maybe I'll drop it back a bit. Enjoy yours!!

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