>Suicides & a Rev3 Update


If you ever played team sports as a kid or young adult (maybe some of you crazy adults still play organized team sports), you probably recall the end-of-practice ritual that seems to be a common thread in all sports.  Organized running.  Sometimes this meant running suicides.  Sometimes it was a game of chase the rabbit.  Often it was just all-out balls-to-the-walls sprint repeats.  I think that some coaches have this sadistic love for making folks suffer at the end of practice.

Fast forward 20+ years, and I’m a now youth sport coach.  I’ve coached football, soccer, basketball.  Right now, I help coach my daughter’s lacrosse team.  And, yes…I DO find some sadistic pleasure in making the girls run sprints or suicides at the end of practice.  Maybe it’s payback for all the running I had to do as a kid.  Maybe it’s just me being a coach.  I’m not sure.  The difference between me and my coaches from my youth?  I typically run with the girls.  Instead of just watching them and barking at them like coaches often do, I usually line up and run with them.  I love to taunt them – remind them that they should run faster than a 40+ year old guy.  Rarely, though, do I let them beat me. 

So last night we had lax practice.  During the last 30 minutes of practice, we had an intrasquad scrimmage.  Since we had odd numbers at practice, I grabbed my lacrosse stick and decided to run with the girls.  Now…for all of us who have done nothing but running in a straight line preparing for triathlons, let me tell you…running in a game environment is really different.  Speeding up.  Cutting.  Backpedaling.    I was TOTALLY winded.  I found myself grabbing my shorts, doubled over sucking in air.  I couldn’t believe how tiring it was.

At the end of practice…I lined up with the girls and ran sprints.  I taunted them.  Talked trash (sad isn’t it…talking trash to a bunch of 13 year old girls).  I still held up my end of the bargain.  I ran hard, and didn’t get beat.  (HURRAY FOR THE OLD GUY)

Morale of the story?  As much as I hated doing windsprints as a kid – today, they seem like a really fun way to work in speed work into my routine.

Trakkers & Rev3 updates:

  • Look for Rev3 at the expo for the ING marathon in Atlanta later this month.  Stop by and say Hi to Carole “Sharpie” Sharpless (our team “mom”).
  • Trakkers Pro Team member Brian Fleischmann notched a victory at the USAT Developmental Race in Clermont, FL.  Check out the info at this link.
  • Look for some really exciting news to be coming out of Rev3 soon regarding a new race in 2011.  I know where it is, but I can’t tell.  Once you see…trust me…you’ll want to sign up!  
  • Want to speak to professional triathlete (and 2009 Rev3 Quassy champion) Mirinda Carfrae?  Check out an interview with her (and interactive Q&A) this Wednesday night at 8:00 ET.  Here’s the link.



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  1. >Just imagine coaching a youth track team. Every practice for the entire practice is an opportunity to instill suffering!

  2. >Haha. That is too funny. You are just a big bully. Hopefully "that old fast guy" will inspire one of those girls to pick it up and give you a run for your money some day.

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