>Hail the Jolly Roger!


I live in Florida.  In close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.  I love the whole concept of living near the beach (well…not true.  I don’t like getting sand stuck everywhere). 

Some things I really love are shell and shark tooth hunting, body surfing, sound of the waves, etc.  I especially enjoy living the beach lifestyle.  OK, let me be more specific.  I love living the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle.  Nothing better than hanging with some friends, enjoying a fine Caribbean or Mexican beer (or several), and listening to Jimmy Buffett, reggae, Howard Livingston, or other beach-themed music.

One of the funnier things that my friends and I do occassionally is talk like pirates.  Arghhh.  Ahoy matey.  Pass the grog.  We crack ourselves up doing it.  This is probably because we’ve had too many of the aforementioned Caribbean malted beverages.  Nevertheless, it’s fun.

You may or may not know, but there’s such a thing as International Talk Like a Pirate day.  It’s in September (the 19th to be exact).


Quote of the day:  “What’s better than arghhh?  Happy arghhh!”


So here’s my challenge for you.  Spend one day weaving pirate phrases into your routine.  When you run past someone, say “Ahoy, matey!”  Instead of saying “On your left,” say “Passin’ to port.”  Don’t fill up on Gatorade…it’s “Grog”.  Instead of telling someone you bonked, say instead that “I was close to Davey Jones’ locker.”  You may get some really strange looks, but it will be FUN.  If you get any cool responses, post them here.  I’d love to hear about them.


Don’t be a scallywag.  Avast with ye normal talk, lest ye walk the plank…



7 thoughts on “>Hail the Jolly Roger!

  1. >Passin' to port sounds like a good way to run into someone, but I love the other suggestions! I used to live in the Caribbean, so I know what you mean about the lifestyle and the pirate fun.

  2. >So what would be "passing on your right"? See, I don't know my nautical terms and live in Australia where we pass on the right, mate. 🙂

  3. >So…if passing on the left is "to port", then the opposite side would be "to starboard". (Courtesy of the allmighty — Google).Thanks for the comments

  4. >I didn't hear any of this today! You better do better on Thursday. We tried trucker lingo once. The guys, of course, picked it right up, but I'm too girly for trucker lingo!

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