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As athletes, we’re lucky.  We get to participate in our chosen events (whether triathlon, running marathons, mountain biking, skiing, or even golf is our main event), generally without bodily limitations.  Not everyone is so lucky.

Far too many folks are impacted by Multiple Sclerosis.  There is no known cure for MS.  It’s a debilitating disease that causes tangible impacts on each patient’s life.  Take for example the story of one of my employees, Byron.  Byron is young (early 20’s) and was diagnosed with MS a few years ago.  He has a young 4 year old daughter.  One morning in April 2007, as he was driving to work, he suddenly lost his eyesight – while driving.  He had to stop on the interstate (the Buckman Bridge in Jax for those of you local) and had to sit there until a Good Samaritan came up and asked him what was wrong and then moved him and his vehicle to safety.  Byron was out of work for 8 weeks while his doctors helped him regain his sight.  During this time, the MS Society offered aid, support, and care for Byron and his daughter.

For the sixth year in a row, I’ll be participating in the annual MS CYCLE TO THE SHORE here in Northeast Florida this October.  The event is a 2 day ride from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach and back (approximately 170 miles).  Over the years, I’ve raised close to $10,000 for this cause.  I’d really appreciate your assistance in raising money for this tremendous cause this year.  Please take a moment to make a contribution.  You can do so by clicking here.  After making your donation, please share my blog with others so that they can make a donation, too.  Go ahead, accept the challenge.  Your dollars could go a long, long way towards helping someone deal with this disease.  Perhaps your donation could help find a cure.

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  1. >Thank you for personalizing the MS battle. I have ridden our MS ride 9 times, it is definitely a great cause!

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