>Do you remember me?


Hey.  Long time, no see.  Where have you been?

I miss our long mornings together.  The long afternoons.  Our quality time.  You used to look at me every morning and every night.  Where have you been?

We were so good together.  I was patient.  I pushed you.  I challenged you to look deep inside yourself.  I haven’t seen you in so long.  Don’t you remember me?

We spent every day together for a year.  Have you moved on?  Don’t you like me anymore?  Are you hanging with one of those new, pretty things you might have found on the internet?  I hope not, for your sake. 

We have a history.  Blood, sweat, tears, laughter, pain, accomplishment, joy.  How could you let that pass by?


Oh wait – I see that we have some time together soon.  You’ll be placing your trust in me again.  Don’t worry, I’m nice…I don’t hold grudges for too long.  I won’t hurt you.  Yeah right.  That and I’ve got some good dry land near Miami for you too.

I can’t wait to get my hands on you.  Slacker.  Where have you been?  You think avoiding me is a good thing?  Oh, you’ll pay.  My fun starts now. 


Who am I?  How could you forget?  I’m your training plan.  Get ready.  Here I come.  I’m not happy with you, either.



4 thoughts on “>Do you remember me?

  1. >Oh yes. The training plan. Mine is on my fridge right now. Smiling at me. Just waiting to feel my pain 🙂 Freaking love it!Let me know about IMFL – they are always looking for draft marshalls (since they will be down one this year! Whoohoo!)

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