>Mad Props to Rev3


I’m one of those guys who for some reason really looks forward to getting mail.  Regular postage (snail) mail.  I don’t like the bills so much, but I enjoy getting good news, letters, the occasional catalog, and a few magazines.  Yesterday, when I came home from work, right under my SI swimsuit edition (I’ve decided I’m getting too old to really enjoy that any more – and didn’t even look at it) was the newest version of Triathlete.

I flipped quickly through it last night.  One of the articles was the 100 best triathlons in the world, divided into sections.  

Rev3 Quassy was the editor’s pick as Best Family Oriented Event!  

Rev3 Knoxville & Rev3 Cedar Point were among races listed as Most Anticipated New Triathlons!

How ‘bout that?  3 races in the Rev3 series…and all were listed in the “Top 100”.  That’s fantastic for a brand new race series!

If you’re interested in racing one of these tremendous races, but want to save some money when you register, enter the code Trakkers111.  You’ll save $10 per registration.




2 thoughts on “>Mad Props to Rev3

  1. >That is crazy. Granted, Rev3 Quassy last year was pretty amazing for a first year event, but it is amazing how much traction the whole Rev3 series is getting. I can't wait for Knoxville and Cedar Point.

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