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Admittedly, I’m not a swimmer.  I wasn’t on the swim team as a kid.  I never swam competitively.  I am not part of the masters’ swim group at our local pool.  Basically, I’m self taught (yeah, sure…I had lessons as a kid).  Thanks to the Almighty (Google), I found Total Immersion, You Tube, Goswim.tv, and many more good sources of information.  I poached some coaching tips from my kids’ swim coaches and from some other triathletes I know.  Still, I’m not a swimmer.

I sink.  My legs drop.  I can’t breathe bilaterally.  Basically, it’s the part of this sport that I like least.

In my never-ending quest to become better, this winter I have added kick drills to my swim sets.  Typically, those kick drills equal about 500 yards of kicking.  Usually, I wear fins (I have weak ankles, after all).  In my last swim session, I upped the ante some.  After my warm-up, I did my typical 5×100 yards of kicking.  When I finished, I decided (what the heck?) to toss out my original workout plan, and just do a full workout of kick drills.  So, I did just that.  15 more reps.  20 reps total. 

My legs were screaming.  I was exhausted.  For me, it was a brutal workout.  I could hardly stand up upon getting out of the pool.  The next day, my legs were as tired as if I had done 400m repeats at a track.  Still…I’m not a swimmer.  At the end of the day, does it matter?  Not so much, if I can cross the 1500m, 1.2 miles or 2.4 miles required to get to T1.  

Instead, perhaps I’m a “swimmer in training”.



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  1. >I was reading your blog via a post on beginngertriathlete. In terms of trying to breath bilaterally, attempt to use the kickboard as an aid by holding out in front of you. Here's a good Youtube video, using a pull buoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swqr5PExu60&feature=PlayList&p=9386D670A9F65127&index=15 My wife and I just started a blog too on triathlons. She's the biker/runner while I'm the swimmer (still a runner-in-training). Here's a post about getting better at swimming that may help:http://twofortris.blogspot.com/2010/01/conquering-swim-tri-made-easy-getting.html

  2. >Joel- I am with you in the "swimmer in training" faction of Team Trakkers. I am working hard at it, but it is definitely not something I have a passion for (or a natural ability) like some people. Whatever gets us to T1 without being disqualified, right?!

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