>Joel and the Photoshoot


2009 was the year of the Ironman for me.  As with most (maybe many…or maybe just a few) budding Ironman competitors, I talked about it a little.  OK…I talked about it a lot.  Folks probably were really tired of hearing about my training, my debacle in Louisville, and my excitement for Panama City.  Nevertheless, a few were either good enough friends or just plain polite enough to follow my journey and actually track me on race-day.

So, one day last week a friend of mine who followed my Ironman experience, and who just happens to be the communications director at our church emailed me and mentioned that he’d like to use a picture of me on an upcoming worship guide for a sermon series based on endurance or something.  After responding by asking if he was trying to drive people away from our church, I finally conceded.

Yesterday was the photo shoot.

Let me tell you, I’m not a model.  I’ve never modeled before (unless you count the one time when my hand was photographed holding calipers for a Performance Bike Shop catalog back in the ‘90’s).  This was different.  I was in a studio with lots of lights.  The photographer was giving me cues – “work a little harder”, “look like you’re concentrating”, “can you make it look like you’re struggling?”.  I couldn’t help but get the giggles.  About half the shots were of me laughing or smiling.  I wasn’t a “good” model.  But, after about half an hour or so, we finally finished.

Was it something I’d do again?  I don’t know.  Was it fun?  I guess.  Was it weird?  Absolutely.  Was it payback for all the Ironman chatter?  You bet it was!

Feel free to check out some of the work of the above-mentioned friend, Paul Snyder.  His website can be found here.  If you find yourself in need of graphic design work, call him.  He’s awesome.  You can also find links to his blog (which is very funny, and is the inspiration for the format of my title today) and to his portfolio.



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