>How to know if YOU are a Triathlete


Following my post prior this week detailing hints to know how to spot a triathlete in a crowd, here are some ways to know if YOU are a triathlete:

·         The bike you hang on your bike rack doubles the value of your car

·         You own more tights than a children’s dance theatre performing Peter Pan

·         You open your window and shout “On your left” when passing cars

·         In the summer, your legs are smoother than your girlfriends’

·         You consider Clif bars as one of the four major food groups

·         You lift your butt off the car seat as you go over potholes, railroad tracks and speed bumps

·         You can’t seem to get to work before 8:30am, but you don’t have any problem meeting your buddies at 5:30am for a ride or swim workout

·         You wear a heart rate monitor during sex

·         When asked how old you are, you answer with an age group range (ex. 35-39)

·         Your first thought when you wake up is how high your resting HR is

·         You go for a 5k cool down run after a 5k race just so you can call it a training session

·         Your preferred cologne scent is chlorine

·         You spend more money on training & racing clothes than work clothes

·         You think there are only two season during the year:  racing & off

·         You show up at the neighborhood pool on your bike in jammers and embarrass your teenage daughter

·         Cars pass you on the road when you’re driving and you automatically drop back to get out of their draft zone





One thought on “>How to know if YOU are a Triathlete

  1. >Guilty as charged on more than a few. By the way, your daughter doesn't need to be a teenager to be embarrassed by dad at the community pool swimming laps in jammers. What else am I supposed to do during "adult swim". Our community pool is kind of oblong shaped so it's sort of like an open water swim – great training!!!As for the bike rack comment, I've taken it a step further. I bought a pick-up so I could put my bike in the bed and keep it out of harms way. You never know when you're going to get hit from behind.

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