>How to spot a triathlete


In reading through tri-related websites today while eating lunch, saw some really funny lists of ways you can tell if a person is a triathlete.  So many of these are true (and probably apply to me as well).  See how many apply to you!

A person might be a triathlete if they:

·          Wear open water (big) goggles

·          Are doing sighting practices while swimming

·          Wear a wetsuit or speedsuit in the pool

·          Refuse to do flip turns (I couldn’t do a flip turn if my life counted on it)

·          Drag a massive amount of equipment to the pool with them (buoy, flippers, kick board, strap, snorkel, H20 iPod, etc) – (yep, that’s me, just without the waterproof iPod)

·          Go extremely fast on pull sets, but glacier slow on kick sets (this is SO me!)

·          Ride a bike with aero bars (duh)

·          Take really long pulls at the front of group rides

·          Have gels taped to their top tube

·          Don’t wear gloves

·          Have weird tri-top tan lines

·          Can’t handle their bike well

·          Wear a sleeveless jersey with arm “coolers” or “warmers” depending upon the season

·          Wear an aero helmet

·          Wear compression socks or sleeves while running

·          Seem to always have an ice-sponge stuck into their shirt


It’s still cold here in Jax.  Nightly lows are still going below freezing.  I have decided I don’t like the cold.  I’m bored with my treadmill, but I’m too much of a sissy to go out and run in the cold.  Luckily, it will be in the 70’s this weekend.  I’ll finally do some running outside – a first for 2010!

I’m still doing the Medicine Ball 200 workout.  It’s still killing me.



5 thoughts on “>How to spot a triathlete

  1. >"Refuse to do flip turns" and "Go extremely fast on pull sets, but glacier slow on kick sets" are very much me, including a ton of others on that list. We are a funny breed.

  2. >Funny…I qualify for almost all of those, BUT I have been working on my flip turns. i tried one at the pool today on my first lap, and got a nose full of water…oh, well, there's always next time!

  3. >Haha, this is great! I suck at flip turns too, I also go much faster on pulls than kicks, I still have my tan line from my cycling shorts. Thanks for sharing!

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