>Ice Man Cometh!


It’s officially cold here in northeast Florida.  This morning at 8am it was 23° F here in Jacksonville.  For comparison, at the same time, it was 27° F in Anchorage, Alaska.  Given the fact that the majority of the US is cold right now, I won’t get any sympathy…but c’mon!  It’s FLORIDA!  Sunshine state!  Land of the Bermuda shorts and knee-high socks!  Jimmy Buffett land.  Flip-Flop central.  Half the people in this state probably don’t even have a coat!  The forecast calls for this really freaky cold snap to last through the week, with lows in the mid-teens and highs in the 40’s.  This is NOT typical Florida weather, even for January.  I guess that means I’ll be showing some love to the treadmill and the bike trainer for a while.

No training last week, as I spent the week in the Tennessee Mountains near Gatlinburg.  Did some skiing and hiking.  The Smoky Mountains are beautiful.  We saw some amazing waterfalls, saw snow (both the hard, packed kind on the side of the road as well as some actually falling from the sky), and saw about 10,000 t-shirt shops and go-cart places.  Yeah…Gatlinburg is a little…shall we say…touristy?

Today marks about 18 weeks until the Rev3 half iron in Knoxville…my A1 race (I have an A2 race in October).  Still haven’t decided on what training plan I want to use.  I’ve looked at several, and even tried to find the one I used when I did the IM 70.3 Fla a couple of years ago…still pondering.  I’ve actually thought about taking my IM training plans and cutting them down some, but that seems like a lot of work.  So…until I can decide on a plan, I’m going to “freewheel it”.  I had a quick run at lunch today, and will swim this evening.  From there, who knows…



4 thoughts on “>Ice Man Cometh!

  1. >Come on!!! Man up!! Take your shirt off and go run 6 miles. Better yet, go to your local outdoor pool and crank out a half mile before running the 6 miles with your shirt off. Let me know how that goes…..By the way, we had a relative heat wave over here in Tampa. Low 30s.

  2. >Definitely not Florida weather. Our weather up here in Spokane, WA is really abnormal as well. But on the other end. We have NO snow and really haven't yet except for up in the mountains. No white Christmas and we're still able to ride and run outside. Unexpected for this time of year.

  3. >I'm here in Daytona Beach and it is cold. I had a three hour workout yesterday and I couldn't feel my toes after 5 minutes on the trainer and didn't feel them again until 5 miles into the trail run. We were in the garage but the door was open and it was cold. (I train with a couple pretty hardcore Kona qualifiers, so no whining allowed).

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