>A Milestone?


I’m a slow runner.  See # 7 in my last post below.  My “run” for a lot of people is a “jog”. 

So last night, I go out for a 5-mile run.  I felt strong on the whole run.  Perhaps it was because it is fairly cool here temperature wise (I think it was about 55 degrees when I left the house).  Perhaps I just felt extra motivated – too many Christmas cookies.  I don’t know.  Nevertheless, I felt strong.  Wasn’t pushing too hard; just cruising.

Two-mile turn.  17:50.  Feeling good.  Not winded.  Rockin’ the iPod to some Green Day.

Mile four turn: 36.xx.  Wow!  It’s turning into one hell of a fast run.

Finish.  5.01 miles.  44:20.  8:51/mile pace for the entire run.  Mr. Garmin said my last mile was 8:13.


Could it be a breakthrough to faster running?  Not sure.  Was it a milestone for me?  Absolutely!



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