>Ten Things I Think I Think


My apologies to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, who probably coined the title phrase above…but here are ten random things I think I think:

1.  Those guys are good.  No – not PGA golfers.  I’m talking about pro triathletes.  We watched the Ironman World Championships coverage on NBC this weekend.  The top pros are amazing.  Chris Lieto?  Stud.  Macca?  Closest thing to Superman since Christopher Reeve put on the blue & red tights.  Chrissie Wellington?  Suffice it to say that she beat 72 male professionals.  

2.  A few weeks ago, I placed my initial order with First Endurance – one of my sponsor companies.  Last week, I tried EFS Drink for the first time.  I’ve been a Gu Brew guy for a couple of years, so I was a little nervous about trying a new drink.  Glad to report that I liked it quite a bit.  I bought fruit punch flavor – normally, I like lemon-lime.  The flavor of EFS was very light.  I kept trying to think about what it really tasted like, and I think I landed on a Sweet Tart.  Perhaps not the best analogy – but I liked it.  Another cool thing about EFS Drink is that it’s NOT bright red like some other products.  In fact, there wasn’t much color at all.  From a technical perspective, EFS Drink gives comparable sodium to Gu Brew, but much more Potassium (160mg to 40mg).  It also adds in vitamin C, calcium and an amino acid mix that is supposed to aid in nutrient up-take.  More updates on EFS drink – and other First Endurance products – as I keep using them.

3.  Off-season swimming is supposed to be when you work on your form.  Last week, I (re)introduced drills into my workouts.  I did catch-up and finger-tip drag drills.  After the holidays, I’ll add fist swimming, side kicking and some others.  I really need to learn to breathe bi-laterally; right now I can only breathe to the right, which causes some problems in some races.

4.  Look for the launch of the Team Trakkers website very soon.  The site will be very cool, and will have bios of everyone on the team – both pro & amateur.  We’ll have blog entries, upcoming races, and all sorts of other stuff.  The Trakkers GPS product will be launching this spring in conjunction with the Rev3 Triathlon in Knoxville (if not before).  As we get closer to launch, I’ll post more information about Trakkers.

5.  One of the perks of being on Team Trakkers is that we have discount codes that will give you $10 off your entry fee.  If you want to enter and save some money, use code: Trakkers111.  You’ll save some money, and I’ll get credit for the entry.  Rev3 will be offering races this summer in Knoxville, Sandusky, OH, and Middlebury, CT – and will offer Olympic, Half-Iron and Full-Iron races.

6.  If you’re looking for an extreme time waster, visit the website Stumble Upon.  This site will scour the net for pages that potentially match your likes & dislikes.  I entered that I like bicycling, for example, and was shown everything from YouTube videos to an article on NPR.com about fixed gear bikes.

7.  I wish I were part Kenyan.  That way, I would run fast.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t get my sustained running pace to anything below 9 minute miles.  Back in high-school (20+ years ago), I could run a mile sub 5:00, and could maintain sub 6:00 for distance up to a 10k.  I don’t really mind being “slow”…but I’d love to be able to finish a half marathon under 2 hours or a 10k under 50 minutes.  Maybe it won’t happen again, but a guy can dream.

8.  I hope Santa leaves some of the following stuff under my Christmas tree:  Zipp wheels, good stocking stuffers (spare tubes, CO2 cartridges, gels, etc), compression socks, running gloves, a Kestrel Airfoil, and Jelly Belly’s.  Santa – I know the odds are slim, but in case you’re wondering, I need a 52cm frame on the Kestrel J

9.  There are so many half-iron training plan options on the market, it’s almost overwhelming.  I need a new training plan, and I’ve been scouring the net looking for “the one” that fits me best.  I haven’t made up my mind yet, but need to soon, as the Rev3 half in Knoxville is just over 5 months away.

10.  It’s Christmas week, and Tri Madness will be taking off!  I’ll be back after New Years.  Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a safe, happy New Year!


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  1. >I noticed that all the pros weigh like… 50 pounds less than me. My big Xmas gift would be pounds flying off my body. Good luck on getting the bike, I'm looking to get a new used bike as part of my yearly switch out program.

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